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ROH: Philadelphia, PA Results 11/03/06

Homicide & Ricky Reyes won a Tag Team Scramble defeating the Briscoes, Dunn & Marcos, and Crazy J and Lotus, earning a tag title match on April 22 when Homicide pinned Dunn with the Cop Killer.

BJ Whitmer came out and ripped on CZW, challenging Necro Butcher to face him in the ring. Butcher didn’t come out.

Roderick Strong forced Jimmy Yang to tap out with a Boston Crab

BJ Whitmer challenged Necro Butcher again. Butcher came out and they brawled. Super Dragon hit the ring and they laid out Whitmer. The ROH locker room hit the ring for the save. Whitmer said it wasn’t over.

Austin Aries pinned Matt Sydal with a 450 splash. The Briscoe Brothers attacked both after the bell.

The Dempseys defeated Pele and Shane Hagadorn.

Irish Airborn defeated Tony Mamaluke and Sal Rinauro.

ROH champion Bryan Danielson pinned Alex Shelley. Danielson did mic work ripping on the CZW fans and claiming to be the best technical wrestler who ever step foot in the ECW Arena. Both wrestlers jawed with the crowd over how the match was being treated by those in attendance. Lots of good false finishes at the end.

ROH just announced that due to his flight being delayed from Mexico, where he wrestled last night, Samoa Joe wasn’t at the building. The scheduled Three-Way Dance is now a singles bout with Colt Cabana vs. Christopher Daniels.

Colt Cabana pinned Christopher Daniels after reversing a pinfall combination. Samoa Joe’s music hit and he came to the ring in street clothes to wrestle Cabana. Joe looked really tired. They went back and forth until Joe scored the pin with a musclebuster.

BJ Whitmer came out. A fan threw something at Joe. Joe hit the crowd, grabbed him and handed him off to security. Joe and Whitmer challenged the CZW locker room and they hit the ring. ROH and CZW had a great brawl. Zandig, with a barbed wire bat, and Wifebeater, with a weedwhacker, ran ROH out. CZW trapped Whitmer in the ring and taped him to the ropes.

They stapled dollars to his face and ran the bat over his face. Zandig spraypainted CZW over the ROH logo on the ring apron. CZW celebrated as their theme music played. Zandig went off on ROH on the mic. CZW’s wrestlers hopped in the crowd challenging fans. Most heated and best part of the show was the ending sequence.