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TNA: "Destination X" Results 12/03/06

The 30-Minute Free Preshow got underway right away with Jeff Jarrett down in the ring with his entire army; America’s Most Wanted, Team Canada, Alex Shelley, Gail Kim, Abyss, and the reluctantly doubted member of Jackie Gayda. Jeff Jarrett told us all that “Sting” Steve Borden doesn’t have the guts to show up tonight but if in the case he does show up he has a superior job for Alex Shelley and Eric Young. He wanted them to go find Sting and bring him up front; he wants them to see if the fans are really right this time about Sting coming back. Jarrett was confident that tonight Sting would indeed be proven a liar about coming back; simply put, he’s a quitter.

It was now time to begin our opening bout of the evening.


The Prince of Punk began things off with some swift chops but Cassidy went quick on his feet to breakdown Moore. Cassidy Riley hit off a back flip onto Moore on the ring canvas but during all this quick momentum, Moore in return quickly shattered it by rebounding him out of the ring into the guardrail. Moore took control for the majority of the match but Cassidy Riley was able to find an opening and springboard off the ropes to hit a moonsault that received him a near fall after posing his arms out in tribute to Raven. In the end however, The Prince of Punk rediscovered his dominance and went high risk for the win.

Winner: “The Prince of Punk” Shannon Moore

We went backstage with Jeremy Borash as he conducted an interview with “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels. He said that there’s no question that the Ultimate X is the most dangerous match but there are so many questions regarding Samoa Joe on if he can survive in Ultimate X and whether AJ Styles can pull out a win. The real question however is who wants it more as Daniels then began naming off such memorable moments calibrating himself in TNA. Christopher Daniels told us that tonight is the second coming of The Fallen Angel and that’s gospel according to The Fallen Angel.


Before this match got underway, Simon Diamond told us that he had a problem because TNA is allowing to let TNA present the Chicago White Sox with a replica belt. Simon Diamond said that he is going to Tucson, Arizona (site of the Chicago White Sox’s spring training) to confront AJ Pierzynski and Dale Torborg to show who’s really superior here. He also said that TNA might as well present baseball players from the St. Louis Cardinals in attendance tonight with another replica belt – “ridiculous” is what Simon Diamond uttered.

Shark Boy and Norman Smiley then made their way down to the ring to begin this match with the fans in full support of Norman and Shark Boy. Skipper and Young were playing their numeric cards correctly here because they were doing quick tags and keeping Norman Smiley grounded. The match took a turn once David Young hit nothing but canvas from a moonsault off the top rope. Shark Boy then came in and took a bite out of David Young followed with Norman Smiley going for the big wiggle. Skipper though crashed Shark Boy out of the ring as Simon Diamond took a cheap shot on Norman Smiley allowing for double team action and the pin in favour of The Diamonds In The Rough.

Winners: Elix Skipper & David Young

We now kicked off the paid portion of tonight’s “Destination X” Pay-Per-View!

Shelley instigated the start of this fight with an arm bar hold with a countered reversal from Jay Lethal, turning it into a headlock on Alex Shelley. The two competitors then tested each other’s strengths with a mercy fight before getting tied up in each other’s legs and stuck on their heads with nothing to do but punch each other in the head. Shelley and Lethal continued this wrestling clinic, or as Don West put it – chess challenge. Lethal went high risk with a dive outside onto Shelley and continued to abuse Shelley but this time with an indurate kick to Shelley’s head. Tables turned however as Jay Lethal later found himself in another Shelley submission move followed later on with an inziguri after Lethal tried to get his momentum back but it was shot down. Alex was trying to keep Lethal grounded as much as he could because that’s where Shelley can take out his submission moves on him from the playbook. A neck breaker and bridge suplex had the match almost won for Lethal. Lethal again tried to put this one in the bag with a full nelson suplex but again, Shelley kicked out. Jay Lethal then went high risk but again another kick out. What else could he do to win? Nothing because Alex Shelley caught Lethal with the Slice Bread #2 for the win.

Winner: Alex Shelley

Scott D’Amore told us backstage that Team Canada is a team that personifies team unity and that Petey Williams is going to show tonight that Canada produces the greatest wrestlers in the world by winning the International X Showcase match tonight. Alex Shelley then came and took Eric Young to start their mission appointed by Jeff Jarrett earlier on in the Preshow. D’Amore wasn’t happy because Eric had to get ready for his match but Eric Young said this was very important so it was decided that A1 would take his place in the tag team match against The Naturals later tonight.

Maverick Matt began the match with full steam but Hoyt quickly took the fight to his playground and threw Matt Bentley into the steel guardrail outside the ring. Traci tried to distract Hoyt but it wasn’t working, he continued his attack on Bentley with a turnover scoop slam as Mark “Slick” Johnson counted the 2-count. Maverick Matt turned things around when he caught Hoyt with a kick after a miscalculation Hoyt did when he tried to flip Bentley over. Matt focused his attack on Hoyt’s head with some chops and breakdown punches after a series of neck breakers. Bentley continued the groundwork with a headlock to cut off the circulation in Hoyt’s head. Big Lance garnered back his offense with a tower bomb sending Bentley back on his face. Lance now double sledged Bentley across the chest followed with the double lariat. He was using his size and power to get the advantage in this heated rivalry culminating in this match. Hoyt made a mistake though when he went for the moonsault, it was a miss. During the match, Jeremy Borash was with Eric Young and Alex Shelley at the top of the arena in the rafters looking for Sting. Eric Young told JB to shut up because this is his best plan yet. He threw down fliers from the rafters that said “Have You Seen This Man?” – The match itself ended with the distraction of the fliers coming down as Lance Hoyt picked up the win. Traci was part of the distraction as she tried showing Bentley the fliers.

Winner: Lance Hoyt

Backstage, Brother Ray told us that tonight is about “war” as Team 3D, Ron Killings, and Rhino prepare to wage war against Jeff Jarrett, America’s Most Wanted, and Abyss!

Eric Young appeared to be ready for this match so he stepped back in his place as A1 remained ringside with Coach Scott D’Amore. Chase Stevens went smash mouth on Bobby Roode with repeated drop kicks concluding with a Russian Leg Sweep en routing to the tag to his partner Andy Douglas to continue the Natural domination. Andy Douglas now worked on Eric Young before tagging Chase back in. The Naturals were using quick tags to stay fresh and healthy, they want this more than anyone right now because The Naturals, being former NWA World Tag Team Champions, want to get back in the top spotlight and win those titles again. They had the chance last night on “iMPACT!” in the NWA World Tag Team Championship Match against America’s Most Wanted but they were robbed by Roode and Young and that’s why tonight we have this match. The Naturals want to exterminate Team Canada and refocus on the gold. Douglas showed this determination by book ending Roode from the top rope as Chase insured the attack by kicking Eric Young in the gut on top of the rope sending him on the ropes between the legs. The Naturals took a blow once Chase missed his dive and hit the guardrail outside. D’Amore was able to get some cheap shots in as Eric Young was now beating on Chase Stevens in the ring. Roode later pulled Stevens’ neck backwards on the ropes from the outside and when it comes to situations like this you don’t want to see anyone seriously hurt. Chase Stevens had a broken neck a few months ago on “iMPACT!” but with the Canadians, they could care less, they’ll do anything to win. Momentum turned though when Chase kicked Eric Young with a step up that had Young fall flat on his face to the outside. A1 carried Eric Young back in the ring to tag Roode. Moments later, Douglas looked to have had this match won with a high knee hit to the jaw and a twisting tornado style DDT but that couldn’t put them away. Roode went for the full nelson slam but later all wrestlers in the match would suffer with the Tower of Doom Superplex! The Natural Disaster was later broken with the distraction of Scott D’Amore, which enabled Young to hit Andy with the hockey stick that handed them victory. The Naturals were once again screwed by Team Canada.

Winners: Bobby Roode & Eric Young.

Backstage, “The Alpha Male” Monty Brown told Christian Cage that he wouldn’t be able to handle “The Alpha Male” tonight. Larry interrupted the interview and told Monty that TNA has ensured an even plane field tonight because Earl Hebner will be the referee. Monty responded by saying that no one would level out the plane field but him with the POUNCE, period.

This match was all about family and revenge. “Bullet” Bob Armstrong, who broke out in the wrestling business in 1962, had his mind set on taking out Konnan. BG James was in the LAX corner working on Homicide but Machete was there to cheap shot BG enabling Homicide to take him down with a diving clothesline. Konnan then illegally attacked BG as you could see the slapjack hanging out of Konnan’s pocket as we all wondered when that would come into play. BG took the punch to Machete in the middle of the ring so to speak but the split second distraction by Homicide cost BG more pain. Kip James grew furious with the referee as all three LAX members in the corner were now attacking BG. These street thugs were going to do whatever they want, whenever they want. After being isolated the entire time, BG finally was able to tag in Kip James. He went ballistic and took charge but again, Machete was there to help Homicide and the fight took forth outside. In the ring now was “The Bullet” who took Konnan right out of the ring. The 66-year-old man was beating Konnan up with some vicious shots. After those wicked shots by Armstrong, he went back in the ring to help his son, BG James. They sent Homicide out and now it was three on one against Machete. Kip took Machete for The Boat Ride to put this one in the bag for The James Gang.

Winners: The James Gang & “Bullet” Bob Armstrong

Backstage Eric Young said we had to be quiet because Sting was in the bathroom. Eric Young somersaulted on the ground across the hallway into the bathroom. They thought Sting was there but in fact it was AJ Styles. Eric Young asked if Sting was here with him but AJ said no. AJ told Alex Shelley what might be a piece of advice and that this camera business he’s doing for Jarrett is going to get him hurt. We went back to the ring.


Sonjay Dutt of India started this match against Japan’s Puma. Puma went for a quick arm drag for a near fall as Sonjay reversed out. Petey Williams initiated a blind tag on Sonjay to enter the ring. Sabin did the same to Puma so he could face his archrival, Petey Williams. The two former X-Division Champions were now using their athletic abilities to perform poetry in motion in the ring. At this point, all four members were in the ring because of the competitive nature in the match of representing their countries. Sonjay Dutt dropped Sabin with a kick to the face and while falling, Sonjay grabbed Sabin’s legs and went for a pin but it was broken. Petey Williams later worked on Puma in the ring with a leg drop on Puma’s neck. Puma hit Petey with a series of chops across the chest as Petey saved himself with a drop kick to Puma’s knees, taking him down. Sonjay Dutt now tagged himself in and continued the work on Puma right after Petey. Later on, Sonjay was caught with an elevated drop kick by Chris Sabin in the corner, almost like he was floating in the air before coming down hard on Sonjay’s face. Puma now had Sabin suffering with swiftly stiff kicks across the chest and back. They then traded in the middle of the ring with Sabin chopping and Puma kicking. Petey Williams went back on the offensive with kicks in the corner before turning him over in the corner and singing O’ Canada. Things rebounded on Petey however as he was taken out along with Sabin and Puma by Sonjay Dutt from the top rope outside. Back in the ring, Puma swung with a lightning fast kick to Sabin’s head, he was dazed. Puma continued his dominance with a Brain Buster on Petey with Sonjay swinging around for a neck breaker on Sabin. The action was never stopping as Petey now locked in the Sharpshooter on Puma. Sonjay then broke it with a drop kick followed with chops but Petey had the adrenaline rush in him and tried the Canadian Destroyer but before the flip piledriver could fully complete, Sonjay dropped Petey straight on his head and twisted the neck. This match was all over the place and during the thick of the action, Petey was able to recuperate and hit the Canadian Destroyer on Sonjay Dutt. Petey was then taken out of the equation by Sabin and Puma as Sabin then turned and hit the Cradle Shock on Puma for the win just after Sabin was going to suffer from the Canadian Destroyer just as Sonjay did.

Winner: Chris Sabin

Backstage while the fans were chanting, “That was awesome”, James Mitchell was proclaiming that the weapons of mass destruction would be unleashed tonight during the Eight-Man War. Just as Jeff Jarrett was beginning to speak, Eric Young told Jarrett that they couldn’t find Sting anywhere but they’re going to keep looking. Jarrett said it’s wasn’t needed, he’s done looking for Sting. It’s now time for Sting to hunt Jarrett if he really wants him.

The match began with all competitors fighting for survival in an all out war. This one was already all over the arena 15 seconds into the match. Brother Ray hit a suplex on James Storm on the ramp way as Rhino was battling Abyss at the top of the stands. The battle continued as Ron Killings now landed Jarrett with several rights followed with Rhino hitting multiple chair shots on Abyss. Brother Ray and Abyss now mixed it up ringside as all competitors were simultaneously meeting up once again. Finally back in the ring, Rhino worked on James Storm by putting his face in the turnbuckle followed with Devon striking James Storm in the side of the head with some rights. Later, Brother Ray suffered a choke slam after an attempted clothesline from the top on a member of AMW. It became two on one with Jarrett and Abyss working on Devon. AMW’s James Storm came once again but he didn’t meet Devon for long, in came Brother Ray. Ray hip tossed Harris away followed with an all-away slam. “The War Machine” was now in the ring and he hit The Gore to both members of America’s Most Wanted in the corner of the ring. Rhino continued to showcase his strength and power by bringing Jarrett up high above his head before sending him down for a belly-to-belly suplex. Gail Kim came in and slapped Rhino to protect Jarrett from The Gore and that’s when Abyss then came and forced Rhino down with a big boot to the face. Rhino was taking in a brutal amount of pain from Jarrett and his army as Jarrett hit Rhino with a leg extension as AMW now went for the double team double-elbow drop. Chris Harris now had a locked in headlock for about a minute before “The Man Beast” finally woke up and countered the situation, but not for long. Abyss went for the splash and landed square on Rhino. After all the beatings and punishment Rhino had to intake, he finally was able to tag in Ron “The Truth” Killings. He took everyone down with his unique acrobatic style as the fans were chanting, “What’s Up?” as a salute to Killings. Jarrett finally suffered The Gore after an attempted guitar swing at Killings. After a Gore, Rhino found himself on the receiving end of the Black Hole Slam. Abyss later ate a 3D by Team 3D and now it was just Team 3D and America’s Most Wanted left in the match as Devon now took a Death Sentence. The super move finishers were all being executed but the match wasn’t over yet; Ron Killings handcuffed Harris to the corner of the ring and hit the Axe Kick on Storm for what should have been a 3-count but it wasn’t because Jarrett pulled the referee out. In the end, Jarrett’s army came out victorious when Ron Killings suffered The Stroke.

Winners: Jeff Jarrett, Abyss, & NWA World Tag Team Champions, America’s Most Wanted

After the match, Jeff Jarrett said that not only is Sting a quitter, but so is Steve Borden because he didn’t show up. Jarrett then gave a 10-count for the moment of truth; Sting would have to come out or be shutout. After the 10-count there was no appearance whatsoever by Sting, Jarrett was proven right from what he thought.


It has been debated whether Samoa Joe would be able to take down the X-Division belt in the Ultimate X match but the time is now, this is his “Ultimate Test” and moment of truth. He’ll either make it or break it and in the beginning of the match, Samoa Joe worked on Daniels as AJ was going to try and bring the belt down right away. He saw Joe coming at him though so he dropped and attacked but Joe took him out as well as Daniels with an overhead drop. Joe was going to attempt to climb the steel girders but AJ took him down. Later, AJ went for a leg sweep as Daniels went for the flying clothesline at the same time. Joe was showing some hesitation earlier when he was attempting to climb the steel girder and at this point, Joe was grinding his opponents. He took out Daniels with a flying leg kick and later sent AJ Styles out of the ring onto Daniels; taking them both out at the same time. Samoa Joe continued to take them out at the same time as he flew over and out of the ring taking them down like bowling pins. Samoa Joe had now finally made it to the X cables of the Ultimate X structure and was climbing across but the weight of his body was too much and he fell down. Daniels took this to his advantage and hit an inziguri on Joe. Later on, AJ found himself holding onto a steel girder in defense from a possible superplex from the top but instead, AJ rolled around Daniels and was able to innovatively hit off a powerbomb. Samoa Joe finally woke up and caught AJ with the boot and senton bomb followed with the face wash and running boot to Daniels who was afterwards laying lifeless in the corner. Just as Joe was going for the Olay Kick outside of the ring on Daniels, AJ cut circuit with a superman like punch to the outside. Joe retaliated and took AJ in the ring and put him in the Muscle Buster position to hit him on a steel chair he bought in the ring. This time, Christopher Daniels saved AJ Styles. They were working together at the moment as AJ even hit off a high kick on Joe from the top rope. The highlight of the teamwork came when AJ and Daniels together held Joe up and dropped him in the Muscle Buster position – Joe’s own finisher. Now it was between Styles and The Fallen Angel, momentary friendship aside for one prize, the X-Division Championship. Daniels suffered from multiple smooth flowing kicks capitalized with the Pelè Kick. AJ Styles now went climbing for the X-Division belt but he fell once Joe swung at him with the steel chair he brought into the ring. The match took a surprising turn when Christopher Daniels went behind Joe and AJ’s back and proved why he wanted this more than anyone. He went across the steel cables and lifted his legs up on the cables so no one could bring him down. It was then and there where “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels brought down the X-Division Title to capture it for the second time in his career!

Winner & NEW TNA X-Division Champion: “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels

After the match, new X-Division Champion Christopher Daniels and AJ Styles shook hands in the middle of the ring respecting each other and the X-Division code. Samoa Joe on the other hand was tripping on himself in an irate manner. He was livid about this loss, he couldn’t pass “The Ultimate Test”.

Backstage, Christian Cage told Monty Brown that his record in NWA World Heavyweight Title matches would be the same as his record in Superbowls – winless. That’s the way “Captain Charisma” rolls here in TNA even though he’s going into this match not 100% with a few cracked ribs. An injury he sustained 2 weeks ago on “iMPACT!” stemming from a brutal attack by Monty Brown.


The match began with Christian tied up in the corner with Monty Brown. Referee, Earl Hebner broke it up as the combatants restarted their offensive plans against one another. Cage started out with a headlock on The Alpha Male in the middle of the ring as Monty then threw Christian away on the ropes and met him back with a shoulder block. The feeling out process was coming to a close as Christian began with chops on Monty. The wrestling match quickly turned into a brawl to the outside in the crowd. Christian was getting the better of this brawl, at least short term. Monty tried to fight back but Christian in his determined state was far more superior at the moment. At the beginning of this match before Christian Cage had to hand in his NWA World Heavyweight Title to Earl Hebner, Christian gave the title a good look almost like it was feeding him confidence and determination. He closed off that mental state by kissing it. At this time, Christian ducked a chair shot on the outside but in the ring he couldn’t duck a clothesline in midair. Monty Brown then took Christian and crashed him down on the outside before having him eat steel on the guardrail. Monty’s plan of attack then shifted to the wrapped ribs of Christian Cage. Monty Brown continued his resentless attack even if he was receiving some blows, Monty was still attacking and forgiveless. Monty then on the opposite side of the rope threw Christian Cage with such great velocity into the turnbuckle. Christian Cage was finally able to gain somewhat of a momentum shift in his favour when he started out with some chops and then a swinging DDT. Christian was using all he had left in his tank after being punished with a long lasting attack by Monty Brown. Christian was now coming at Brown with clotheslines and then a legdrop after an attempted Pounce by The Alpha Male. Christian took a fall in the match when he was dropped ribs first on the turnbuckle. Monty now was trying to take Christian down with a suplex but Christian held onto the Ultimate X structure to save himself from such a high impact drop. Monty was knocked down and Christian dropped down in a senton-like move on him. Monty Brown came at Christian with various power moves including a powerbomb, a torture rack drop, and the Alpha Bomb. The match came to a finish when “Captain Charisma” Christian Cage pinned Monty Brown after hitting the Unprettier as Earl Hebner counted to three.

Winner & STILL NWA World Heavyweight Champion: “Captain Charisma” Christian Cage

After the match, Jeff Jarrett broke the celebration by saying that he was now going to focuss his sights on Christian Cage and once again the NWA World Heavyweight Title. Christain told Jarrett that giving him a title shot as not his call, but kicking his ass was his choice. They broke out into a brawl in the ring with Monty Brown joining followed with Abyss and Team Canada. Rhino came down to try and help Christian but the numbers were too much. Christian was dropped in the torture rack position and now Chris Harris handcuffed Christian Cage while Alex Shelley was taping this footage. Jeff Jarrett was now whipping Christian with a leather belt as he traded off with members of Team Canada, AMW, and finally Abyss. Finally though, “Sting” Steve Borden came to the save and cleaned house . He came in full force without the face paint and he was cleaning house! He sent all members of the Jarrett army out with physical force until Eric Young was left. All he had to do to Eric was yell and that had him running. Steve Borden now had the leather belt and started whipping Jeff Jarrett like crazy across the back. He then locked Jeff Jarrett in the Scorpion Death Lock. Then out of no where was Scott Steiner! This was Jeff Jarrett’s masterplan, he hit off a belly-to-belly suplex and then a t-bone bomb. “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner is now in TNA and is a new member of Jarrett’s army, but what does this mean for TNA Wrestling and Sting? The rest of the Jarrett army came in to continue the attack as Scott Steiner was now choking Sting in the Steiner Recliner finisher. Jarrett sat right in front of Sting and nailed him with the guitar; total humiliation towards the legend known as Sting.

We’ll see you all this Saturday night at “iMPACT!” on Spike TV with the aftermath of Destination X – You’ll see new X-Division Champion, Christopher Daniels as well as still your NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Christian Cage! What will Jeff Jarrett have to say about the entrance of Scott Steiner in TNA and will Sting backfire this impromptu attack he suffered here Destination X? It’s TNA “iMPACT!” this Saturday night, you cannot afford to miss it as we work towards TNA “Lockdown” on April 23, 2006!

Quick Match Results:
Preshow: Shannon Moore defeated Cassidy Riley.
Preshow: The Diamonds In The Rough (Elix Skipper & David Young) defeated Shark Boy & Norman Smiley.
Alex Shelley defeated Jay Lethal.
Matt Bentley defeated Lance Hoyt.
Team Canada (Bobby Roode & Eric Young) defeated The Naturals (Chase Stevens & Andy Douglas).
The James Gang (BG James & Kip James), & Bob Armstrong defeated The Latin American Exchange (Konnan, Homicide, & Machete).
International X Showcase: Chris Sabin defeated Petey Williams, Sonjay Dutt, & Puma.
Eight-Man War: Jeff Jarrett, Abyss, & NWA World Tag Team Champions, America’s Most Wanted (Chris Harris & James Storm) defeated Rhino, Ron Killings, & Team 3D (Brother Ray & Brother Devon).
Ultimate X Match: Christopher Daniels defeated TNA X-Division Champion, Samoa Joe and AJ Styles, to win the title.
NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Christian Cage defeated Monty Brown, to retain the title.