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Triple X: "Third Time’s A Charm" Show Announced For April 9th

For those who still have faith in us, Triple X Wrestling will present it’s first show (which we’re calling Third Time’s A Charm) on Sunday April 9th at the Tam O’Shanter club starting at 6pm.

I know I wanted to use the Dog and Trumpet but there are a few complications there so i’m taking the safest route to guaran-damn-tee that nothing goes wrong.

The Tam O’Shanter also allows us (officially) to permit under 18s into the venue (regular Dog users will know what i mean), however Triple X is NOT a family product so it’s your call parents.

Names already confirmed for this THREE HOUR debut show include

Midlands up and comers Leon Van Owen, Stiro and Andy Shoes

SWA stars Adam Shame, Falcon, Jonny Milla and Chris Renfrew are coming to Triple X calling themselves “The Tartan Mafia”

Also (provided he doesn’t suddenly leave the country AGAIN) the one and only Majik will be in action

Chris Stone and Jetta will also be leading their group of Adidas clad ASBO collectors into the Shanter…

Triple X will also be bringing back to the midlands, the McPhenom, Concience!!!

Entry to the show will be £5 on the door or as part of a special offer for the balls up last time, groups of five people will get entry for £20

Click onto in the near future and keep an eye on this thread for updates

Thanks for reading.
Brad Loughlin