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WWE: Saturday Night’s Main Event Results 18/03/06

Saturday Night’s Main Event opened with Vince and Shane McMahon talking about the Street Fight. Shawn Michaels said that if he was going to hell, he was taking Shane with him. JBL appeared and said his name isn’t Earl, it’s JBL and tonight he was taking Steve Austin out because he’s a wrestling God. HHH said that at Wrestlemania, the King of King was going to be champion again. John Cena stood in front of him and said, “The Champ is Here!” BoogeyMan appeared and did his tag line.

They aired an opening video and blew up a ton of pyro.

WWE World champion Kurt Angle & Randy Orton & Rey Mysterio vs. WWE champion John Cena & HHH

The competitors each made separate entrances. Cena and Orton started the match but Angle tagged in. The respective WWE champions went back and forth. Angle went for the Angle Slam but Cena blocked it. He hit a spinebuster for a near fall. HHH tagged in and kicked Angle in the corner. Angle hit several German suplexes on HHH. Angle tagged out to Mysterio. Mysterio dropkicked HHH and Cena. There was a “Cena sucks” chant from the live crowd. Mysterio went for the 619 but HHH slammed him.

During the break, HHH tried to get Cena to cheat but the champion refused. HHH went to pin Mysterio but Angle breaks up the pinfall. HHH locked a sleeper on Mysterio, who slammed himself into the corner to break it. Rey hit a moonsault off the top. Cena refused to tag into HHH because it would have put him against Rey. Orton tagged in, so Cena tagged himself in. The crowd began booing Cena loudly. Cena hit the Five Knuckle Shuffle on Orton and the boos continued. Cena went for the FU on Randy Orton but HHH grabbed him and hit the Pedigree on his partner. HHH put Orton on top, but Rey pulled Orton off because it’s a cheap win. Angle pushes HHH but is hit by Orton with an RKO. Orton goes to RKO Cena, but Cena rolls up Orton for the pin.

Your winners, WWE champion John Cena and HHH!

Cena and HHH face off. HHH says that in two weeks, the title is his.

Tazz, Jim Ross, and Jerry Lawler ran down the Wrestlemania 22 lineup and the WWE Hall of Fame inductees.

Backstage, Booker T was screaming about pain in his knee with Sharmell at his side. Teddy Long asked a doctor what was wrong and he said that they couldn’t tell without an MRI which could take several hours to take care of. The doctor said he was concerned Booker couldn’t work in the ring with all the pain. Teddy announced he would have to cancel Booker’s match against The Boogeyman tonight. Booker and Sharmell are both smiling as they leave, having pulled one over.

The Cutting Edge with Mick Foley

Edge and Lita came to the ring for the Cutting Edge segment with Mick Foley.

Lita introduced Edge and noted that he’s perfect at Wrestlemania. Edge said that he would remain perfect. Edge pointed out the Hardcore weapons around the ring and said they were there to inspire his guest Mick Foley, so it means something when Edge beats him at Wrestlemania. He said that Foley has gone from being a hardcore legend to a Muppet. He rips on Foley’s cheap pop and said that’s the only way Foley can get a reaction these days, then will “plug his latest outside endeavor that will fail miserably.” He said that Foley will dance around with a sock puppet and it’s all so cute. Edge called out Foley, saying he was going to give him the Wrestlemania beatdown now. He introduced Foley but Foley didn’t come out. Edge ripped on him and said Foley was the most overrated superstar in the history of the business.

Foley came to the ring with a bag. Edge lit a table on fire in the center of the ring. They put it out and Foley attacked Edge. He tied up Edge upside down and did the running knee in the corner. Foley poured a ton of thumbtacks in the ring. He grabbed Edge but Lita interfered. Edge slammed Foley facefirst into the tacks. Foley sat up, old school Cactus Jack smile, with his face full of thumbtacks smiling. He grabbed a chair and attacked Edge in the aisle. Foley hit a neckbreaker on the steel ramp. Foley placed a chair under Edge’s face and hit him with a Conchairto, giving him a receipt for Raw. Jim Ross said the old Mick Foley has been rejuvenated somewhat.

They aired a historical video on the Shawn Michaels vs. The McMahons feud.

Backstage, Sharmell was getting dressed. Booker T, dressed in a towel, said that he couldn’t believe Teddy Long and the doctor fell for the oldest trick in the book. Sharmell said they were going to go party. They started dancing. The room was suddenly lit red. The Boogeyman came down upside down from the ceiling. Booker and Sharmell ran out of the room screaming, running down a hallway past Carlito.

They aired a Wrestlemania video.

JBL vs. Steve Austin: Beer Drinking Contest

In the ring, JBL stood before a table set up with tons of mugs of beer. JBL said that his appearance tonight was something NBC Executives have been waiting for. He went off on Detroit. He continued to rant until Steve Austin’s music hit. Austin did his grand entrance. He said that it was good to be on NBC, he was glad to be back in Detroit, and he’s really thirsty. He said that JBL challenged him to a beer drinking contest and asked JBL why. JBL said that Austin didn’t name him in a list of great Texas wrestlers. He said that if he didn’t have a broken hand, he’d stomp a mud hole in Austin and walk it dry. Since he can’t, he challenged Austin to a beer drinking contest. Austin said that JBL was a big guy, so maybe Austin needed to start practicing. He said this morning he ordered room service for breakfast, one egg and two cases of beer. He said that by the time he was done, he drank 15 pitchers of beer because he was worried about JBL beating him.

Austin went to drink but JBL stopped him. JBL said it was his game and his system. He said that it was his rules. He said there are 25 beers on each side of the table. JBL said he went across the border to get real beer, Canadian beer. JBL said the rules are they have one minute to drink as many as they can. JBL said they were going to go back to back like the Old West. Austin said he was leery of being back to back with JBL. JBL said he wasn’t Brokeback Mountain, he was a real cowboy. Austin said, “No comment.” Ross quipped, “Not that there’s anything wrong with that”, a Seinfeld reference.

They stood back to back. JBL got a head start and started cheating since Austin couldn’t see him. Austin caught him and questioned what he was doing. He said that for someone with such a big mouth, JBL was missing it. JBL threw a beer in Austin’s face and jumped out of the ring laughing. Chris Benoit ran out and tossed JBL back in the ring. Austin began throwing beer all over JBL, then hit there Stone Cold Stunner on Bradshaw.

Backstage, Candice Michelle was looking at a large mockup of her Playboy cover. She asked Victoria how hot she looked on the cover. Victoria said she looked hot, but now they needed to get ready for some action.

Candice Michelle & Victoria vs. WWE Women’s champion Trish Stratus & Mickie James

They aired a video on Stratus’ history with Mickie James, who Jim Ross described as “stalking” Trish.   James and Trish made separate entrances.  Stratus and Michelle started off.  Stratus began kicking at her,  Michelle took over and draped Trish over the ropes, stepping on her back to choke her.  Michelle scored a two count after Victoria took a cheap shot.  Victoria tagged in and beat down Stratus.  She locked on a front chancery.  Stratus made the tag to James but the referee didn’t see it.  Stratus reversed a suplex attempt but both of her foes and turned it into a double DDT.  Victoria knocked James off the apron before she could make the tag.  Trish hit the Stratusfaction on Michelle for the pin. 

Your winners, Trish Stratus & Mickie James!

James took the mic and said that she guessed this is goodbye.  She said that she just wanted to say goodbye the right way and offered her hand.  Stratus shook it.  James tried to kiss her, but only got a cheek.  James then hit the Chick Kick, Stratus’ own move, on James.  James started screaming, “You don’t want me?  Do you love me now?”  She hit the Stratusfaction on Trish.

I wonder if they will take some inspiration from the 1986 Hulk Hogan-Paul Orndorff feud and have James start using Stratus’ ring music as well as her moves, like Orndorff did after turning heel on Hogan?

During the break, Mickie James did a crying interview on saying she loves Trish but Trish broke her heart and now she’s going to break Trish.

They plugged the Wrestlemania 22 lineup and announced Booker T vs. Boogeyman has been added to the card.

Mark Henry and Daivari made their way to the ring. They aired a video feature on Henry costing The Undertaker his WWE World title match with Kurt Angle on Smackdown.  Daivari said that Mark Henry wasn’t afraid of the Undertaker or the Casket.  Henry said that Undertaker was scared of him.  He said that at Wrestlemania he would shove Undertaker into the coffin, “if it was the last thing…”  Undertaker’s music began, cutting off Henry.  The Druids carried out a casket.  Henry screamed for them to bring it.  Undertaker made his way to the ring.  Taker and Henry brawled in the ring.  Taker whipped Henry into the corner but Henry knocked him to the mat.  They brawled outside the ring.  Undertaker chokeslammed Daivari atop of the casket.  He then tombstoned Daivari on the casket.

They showed Shawn Michaels walking the halls backstage and plugged the Street Fight was next.

Shawn Michaels vs. Shane McMahon: Streetfight

Lillian Garcia announced that there were no rules and the only way the match could end was by submission or pinfall.  Michaels attacked McMahon by the entrance and whipped him into the guard rail.  Michaels grabbedf a chair from under the ring and slammed it over Shane’s back.  Vince McMahon came out and watched in disbelief.  Michaels set up a table outside the ring.  He hit a running knee lift on Shane.  Michaels whipped Shane towards the ringpost, but Shane reversed and Shawn hit it facefirst.  Vince began encouraging his son.  Shane pulled out a ladder.  Vince began setting up a second table next to the first.  Shane peppered Michaels with punches on the floor, then slammed him backfirst into the ringpost. 

McMahon rolled into the ring and set up a ladder.  Vince asked him what he was doing.  Vince dragged Michaels to the tables and put him atop of them.  Shane started climbing but Shawn fought off Vince and climbed the ladder.  They jockeyed for position.  Michaels suplexed Shane off the ladder outside the ring through two tables.  They went to commercial.

When they returned, they were battling in the ring, obviously exhausted.  It was noted that during the break, Vince told paramedics to ignore Michaels and help his son.  Vince cheered on his son screaming, “You’re a McMahon.”  Michaels climbed the ladder to hit his elbowdrop, but Vince hit him from behind with a kendo stick.  Michaels fell into the ring.  They showed several replays of the suplex into the tables.

Shane slammed a ladder down into Michaels’ back.  Michaels sold it like he had been shot as Jim Ross brought up Michaels’ back issues in the past.  Shane slammed the ladder down again, but was only able to get a two count.  Shane measured Michaels and then charged, driving the ladder into Michaels’ face.  Michaels kicked up again at the last moment.  Shane locked on a surfboard, trying to force a submission.  Vince implored him to break Michaels’ arms.

Michaels finally reversed it, but saw Vince getting on the apron.  Michaels took a swing at Vince.  When he turned back to Shane, he was hit with a DDT.  Shane grabbed a chair and measured Michaels.  He drilled Michaels right in the face.  He set up Michaels in the corner for the “Coast to Coast” (Van Terminator), putting a trash can in front of Michaels’ face.  Vince held the trash can.  Jim Ross called it, “Shane McMahon’s version of that Terminator.”  Michaels moved, and Shane ended up hitting the trash can into Vince’s face.

Michaels made a comeback on Shane with a flying forearm and a series of rights.  He slammed Shane and went to the top for the Picture Perfect Elbow.  He drilled McMahon with the move off the top.  He called for Sweet Chin Music and began stomping his foot.  Michaels connected with the kick, but Vince pulled the referee out of the ring at the two count and struck him.  Michaels grabbed Vince and threw him into the ring.  Vince begged off as Michaels stood above him.  Shawn grabbed his jacket but Shane lowblowed Michaels. 

Shane McMahon locked the Sharpshooter on Michaels and Vince screamed for them to ring the bell.  Lillian Garcia, instructed by Vince, announced that Shane had won by submission.  Jim Ross said that Vince screwed Bret Hart and now he’s screwed Shawn Michaels.  The McMahons celebrated as they went off the air.