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TNA: Lockdown PPV Results (23/04/06)

TNA Lockdown kicked off before a red-hot crowd in the IMPACT Zone at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida!

Our opening contest consisted of Team Japan’s Black Tiger, Minoru Tanaka, and Hirooki Goto taking on Team USA’s Sonjay Dutt, Jay Lethal, and Alex Shelley in a World X Cup Tournament preview.

The match itself began with Alex Shelley and Minoru Tanaka working each other with some quick agile moves that had the fans already rocking in appreciation for what these men can do in the ring. Black Tiger surely enough tested his abilities against Shelley that eventually led to Shelley bailing out with the tag to Lethal. Throughout the entire match, the balance of momentum was for the most part even with every competitor on each team having such ferocity caliber moves. The distraction of Team Mexcio along with captain Shocker at the top of the stage left Team USA in a bit of a slump with Team Japan capitalizing on every opportunity.

For many of us though, we thought that Alex Shelley would be having some communication problems on his team on this night because of his affiliation with Jarrett and his army. For the better part of the match however, we never saw any miscues between the three men involved. This led to a belief that Alex Shelley may indeed fit in well for Team USA, but those beliefs later became doubts as Alex Shelley seemingly caught his partner Sonjay Dutt with a super kick. It may have seemed unintentional; however, Sonjay’s reaction would tell you otherwise. Team Japan capitalized with Black Tiger hitting a bridge suplex on Jay Lethal for the 1-2-3 pin.

Before our next match got underway, Larry Zbyszko was backstage asking Jeremy Borash what TNA management has planned about the major announcement tonight. Jeremy had no idea as we went back to the ring for our next match.

It was now time for “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels to face his mystery opponent. The opponent was revealed to be none other than the former Low Ki – now known as “Senshi”. It was the past getting back at Christopher Daniels because Senshi used to be an important wrestler for Daniels under his wing in the Triple X group when together with “Primetime” Elix Skipper they would be battling night after night for the NWA World Tag Team Titles along with dominating the tag team scene at the time. Upon Triple X’s demise however, the former Low Ki would disappear from the TNA scene, but tonight he has returned with vengeance in mind on Christopher Daniels, the man who seemingly pushed him aside for fame.

During the match, Christopher Daniels’ strength and fortitude were truly tested within the confines of the Six Sides of Steel. Senshi, a former X-Division Champion was bringing everything out of his playbook from his mixed martial arts background along with the distinctive Japanese style. At one point, we even saw some of the shooting style come out with Daniels being hit with a double foot stomp square on the face!

After countering each other numerous times and literally performing art in motion in the ring, Christopher Daniels was caught up in a roll up pin with extra leverage from the cage that had Senshi picking up the win.

Our next contest inside the Six Sides of Steel was an old-fashioned arm wrestling match. It was contested between the leader of LAX, Konnan and the legendary 66-year old “Bullet” Bob Armstrong with The James Gang by his side.

Before the match, Konnan tried to instill fear into Bob with some talk. Talk was later proven to be cheap as actions speak louder than words when “Bullet” Bob put Konnan’s arm down after a long period of stalled strength against each other. “Bullet” Bob proved to be the true “man” of the two!

After the match, by stipulations of the win, all three members of LAX were faced to the cage with their backs towards BG James, Kip James, and “Bullet” Bob. LAX were hit with leather whips several times upon scramming out of the cage for survival.

Backstage, Jeff Jarrett and his army of Scott Steiner and America’s Most Wanted were strongly advocated of winning Lethal Lockdown tonight. Steiner said he lived for moments like these and that “The Big Booty Daddy” was ready to break Sting because he was ready to snap! Larry Zbyszko made an appearance to see if Jeff Jarrett had any idea about the announcement by TNA today but Jarrett told him that screwjobs always happen, just ask Dave Hebner – or better yet his evil twin, Earl!

Upon our next match, it was announced that the World X Cup Tournament would be kicking off this upcoming “iMPACT!” on Spike TV – Thursday at 11 PM ET!

Now inside the Six Sides of Steel were Petey Williams, Chris Sabin, Elix Skipper, Shark Boy, Chase Stevens, and Puma for our Xscape Match where the last two men must climb out of the cage to win the match.

“The Canadian Destroyer” Petey Williams began offense against Shark Boy before tagging in Puma of Team Mexico! Shark Boy was physically challenged in the ring for this one with Puma’s arsenal being far greater on this night. However, Shark Boy would later prove that he could go high risk too with a hurricarana on Puma. The buddy system between D’Amore and Simon Diamond at ringside that was beginning to establish was in much appreciation to Petey Williams’ Canadian Destroyer on Shark Boy that had him eliminated – a counteract to the punishment Elix Skipper was enduring from Shark Boy.

Much later, we saw Chase Stevens of The Naturals set himself apart from the rest at the very top of the Six Sides of Steel to only plummet down to the ring canvas on top of all competitors in the ring with the Shooting Star Press! That however led to Chase’s demise in the match as Elix Skipper pinned him for the elimination. Scott D’Amore and Simon Diamond were yet again cheering like high school cheerleaders but that fun ended quickly because within seconds, Petey Williams eliminated Elix Skipper and that left Diamond and D’Amore on the brink of a physical altercation.

Shortly after, Petey spring boarded Puma on top of Sabin’s shoulders leading to the Cradle Shock for the elimination. It was now Petey Williams of Team Canada and Chris Sabin of Team USA as the final two competitors. The winner would have to climb out of the cage and touch the floor with both feet – that’s exactly what Chris Sabin did to win the match. The win came rather unique because Petey had fallen on top of D’Amore’s shoulders after being smashed on the outside of the cage by Sabin. With the momentary delay in Petey’s discovery of the ground, Sabin dropped to the floor to win the Xscape Match before Petey Williams!

Entering the ring next as the challenger for Samoa Joe’s X-Division Championship for the very first time was “The Homicidal, Suicidal, Genocidal” Sabu, who was sporting a cast over his broken arm he suffered a week back while competing in Mexico. Nevertheless, Sabu has always been a fighting warrior that has never backed down from a fight. Samoa Joe used the broken arm to his advantage early on as expected with some stiff kicks to the arm.

First blood was spilled when Sabu’s head was grated across the steel cage. Sabu was then supporting a dazed look shortly after feeling the impact of Joe’s knees square on the forehead – but who wouldn’t? Sabu later brought his spike into play by trying to force it towards Joe’s eye but that was successfully counter by Joe with an arm bar submission hold.

As the match was progressing, we were witnessing a whole new meaning to the X-Division, a little extreme influence from the death defying maniac known as Sabu! Samoa Joe was sure to adapt to the style with a stunner from the top rope on Sabu that shortly after followed with the Muscle Buster instigated from a chair shot – that proved to be the truth. The truth being that Samoa Joe continues his one-on-one undefeated streak by leaving Lockdown as still your X-Division Champion!

The Anthem Match between Team Canada and Team 3D was next. Brother Ray and Brother Runt came down with face paint on signifying that they were going to war, as Brother Devon was the testimonial soldier with supported ammunition!

Early in the match, Eric Young tried running up on the cage to grab the Canadian flag as Brother Runt tried the same thing on America’s flag. Both men failed in attempts – you’re going to have to beat your opponents down until they’re no longer able to move to get down your nation’s flag in victory. This is not just any match, this is a match of honor and dignity while representing your home and native country whether it is for the maple leaf or the star spangled banner.

The match itself was a cluster of all six men from their respective teams battling for supremacy. Shortly after Brother Runt suffered a spine buster from Roode, Brother Ray and Brother Devon responded with a variation of the 3D slam. That’s what Americans do – when one man goes down, you finish the job and recollect your men. It was that common bond that had Team 3D collect their American flag to win the match! Or did they?

The referee was down and that’s when Team Canada knocked Team 3D down to their feet. The American flag was placed back on top of the cage as a table was placed in the ring. Eric Young missed the elbow drop and caught nothing but table and it was point in time for Team 3D to win the match yet again – this time with the referee witnessing the flag taken down by Brother Runt! Justice was served!

The flag of the United States of America was raised above the Six Sides of Steel along with the national anthem as the fans sung the words!

Just after the match was the debut of former star from the north, Christy Hemme! She came down with an envelope for Mike Tenay to read for the public! It stated that every member of TNA would be watched closely and that there would be a new man in charge as the new face of TNA management. This man’s first act of action has Larry Zbyszko on probation and has Raven reinstated in TNA! Larry was in obvious distress as the returning Raven then came down and chased Larry around the ring. Zbyszko ran inside the ring and locked the cage door, preventing Raven from getting his hands on him. Security held Raven back as he’ll have to get his hands on Larry another day!

With Raven now back in TNA, what else can we expect from the new person in charge?

Our NWA World Heavyweight Championship Match of the evening was next!

NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Christian Cage, a man who is often used to having the odds stacked against him, has never had to defend his title inside the Six Sides of Steel. In fact, this was Christian Cage’s debut inside the confined structure here in TNA and it was against the monster known as Abyss – precariously guided by James Mitchell. Nonetheless, Christian was able to fight against the adversity during the match and walk out still on top of TNA as your NWA World Heavyweight Champion, but it didn’t come easy.

The match was jump started during Christian Cage’s entrance to the ring with Abyss attacking him. The match was a vicious fight stemming from personal mental attacks by Abyss and James Mitchell in the weeks leading up to the match with the stalking of Christian’s wife and the physical attack on Christian at his home. In fact the match never officially started until about 10 minutes or so into the fight when it finally entered the Six Sides of Steel just after Christian suffered from a powerful swing of the cage door to his upper body and face. Abyss then went to send Christian towards the cage wall several times like a bug hitting the windshield of a car on a highway at high speeds. The cage wall continued to be on the assist for Abyss as he had Christian’s head being squashed with his big boot. A full-on body splash across the cage wall was then executed. Abyss was having his way with Christian Cage.

The punishment exerted on Christian Cage continued with chops across his chest but that only motivated Christian to come back with chops of his own. The offense was now in Christian’s playing field with a swinging arm DDT despite the referee being knocked down by a missed clothesline by Abyss. The Unprettier was delivered as the lifeless referee made the count for Abyss to only kick out!

In a shocking moment, Christian Cage tried to end it all with a frogsplash from the top of the Six Sides of Steel that had the fans believing without a doubt that Christian had won the match but they were indeed wrong! Abyss kicked out, but was later put through the thousands of thumb tacks with a rolled sunset flip from the top of the cage! Senior official, Rudy Charles was knocked out again so Mark “Slick” Johnson came in for the count and Abyss yet again kicked out despite being punctured from the thumb tacks and then out of no where Abyss hit the Black Hole Slam for the near fall! With both men unable to put each other down, Abyss came back with more thumbtacks. Abyss measured Christian up for the choke slam but it was countered with the Unprettier in the thumbtacks! Christian Cage was still your NWA World Heavyweight Champion!

The post match celebration was put to a halt however as Abyss clubbed Christian across the head that split him open. In a sadistic move orcastrated by James Mitchell, Christian Cage was then hung from the cage with a steel chain being pulled by Abyss. The finish saw Abyss now celebrating with the NWA World Heavyweight Title. If this is any indication for the future to come, then this war is far from over!

Lockdown was not over yet because we still had the “Lethal Lockdown” Match between Sting, AJ Styles, Rhino, & Ron Killings against Jeff Jarrett, Scott Steiner, and the NWA World Tag Team Champions, America’s Most Wanted where a cage ceiling was lowered down with weapons hanging from the top once all competitors were in the ring!

“Wildcat” Chris Harris, one half of America’s Most Wanted, was the first member of Jarrett’s army to enter the Six Sides of Steel as was “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles from Sting’s team. The cage ceiling of weapons was not lowered until all competitors were in the ring, but for one AJ Styles, his athletic abilities are his lethal weapons. He was able to tame Chris Harris for a short while before being over powered with strength respectively. Shortly before the next competitor came down though, AJ Styles was sure to spill Harris’ blood with repeated shots to the steel cage wall.

Our next competitor hailing from Planet Jarrett was James Storm, the other half of America’s Most Wanted. Upon Storm’s entrance in the cage, AJ Styles ran and drop kicked the cage door and that had Storm duck the swing of the door as it hit Gail Kim abruptly to the ground.

It was now a fight in numbers with AJ Styles trying to survive through the time of the next competitors entrance. Much to AJ’s luck, it was “The War Machine” Rhino, former NWA World Heavyweight Champion coming in with a house of pain inflicted on America’s Most Wanted.

The next competitor was none other than the “King of the Mountain” himself, Jeff Jarrett. AJ Styles and Rhino came running towards Jarrett with some vicious right hands before throwing him into the cage rather than letting Jarrett enter himself. At this point, the numbers were back in Planet Jarrett’s corner but not for long as the freshest man in the ring, Ron “The Truth” Killings entered the Six Sides of Steel with such high energy.

Before Scott Steiner’s entrance, AJ Styles was taken from the top of the cage and down in the Tower of Doom involving all competitors! Now it was “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner’s turn to pick up the broken pieces lying on the ring canvas. He did so to only drop them back down with belly-to-belly suplexes and overhead slams into the cage.

The Lethal Lockdown ceiling was now lowered with lethal weapons as Sting made his entrance to the cage! The door was now closed and locked for Lethal Lockdown!

Before using the weapons, Sting used his body by doing two Stinger Splashes on four stacked bodies in the corner! Now the weapons were brought into play with barbarism being the number one ingredient!

At one point, both AJ Styles and James Storm climbed up to the top of the cage from the inside with openings in the corner of the cage allowing them to do so. Up top was a table available for use and they certainly did set one up. Before it was used though, both Sting and Jarrett had a guitar but Sting chose to break Jarrett’s guitar first with his baseball bat before choosing to use the guitar but Steiner thought otherwise with a low blow on Sting.

Back to the top of the cage, AJ Styles setup a ladder and climbed it. He then grabbed onto the steel structure in the air that hold the lights for the arena. From there, AJ positioned himself above James Storm and dropped on him for a splash through the table! As Mike Tenay put it, “Un-freaking believable!”.

The war was finally settled when Sting locked in the Scorpion Death Lock on a reversed Sharpshooter on Chris Harris for the tap out victory! The score was settled!

As Lockdown came to a close, Sting and his warriors of “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles, “The War Machine” Rhino, and Ron “The Truth” Killings stood tall in their reign of victory over defeat on Jarrett and his army!

Quick Match Results:

  • Six Sides of Steel: Team Japan (Minoru Tanaka, Black Tiger, & Hirooki Goto) defeated Team USA (Sonjay Dutt, Jay Lethal, & Alex Shelley).

  • Six Sides of Steel: Senshi defeated Christopher Daniels.

  • Six Sides of Steel – Arm Wrestling Match: Bob Armstrong defeated Konnan.

  • Six Sides of Steel – Xscape Match: Chris Sabin defeated Petey Williams, Puma, Elix Skipper, Chase Stevens, and Shark Boy.

  • Six Sides of Steel: TNA X-Division Champion, Samoa Joe defeated Sabu.

  • Six Sides of Steel – Anthem Match: Team 3D (Brother Ray, Brother Devon, & Brother Runt) defeated Team Canada (Bobby Roode, Eric Young, & A1).

  • Six Sides of Steel: NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Christian Cage defeated Abyss.

  • Six Sides of Steel – Lethal Lockdown Match: Sting, AJ Styles, Rhino, & Ron Killings defeated Jeff Jarrett, Scott Steiner, &

  • NWA World Tag Team Champions, America’s Most Wanted (Chris Harris & James Storm).