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Results For 20/05/06: ACW, HEW, HCW:RSW & wZw

Anglian Championship Wrestling “No Limits 2”
Bletchley Leisure Centre, Bletchley, Milton Keynes

  • ACW Light Heavyweight Title – Submission Match: Matt Naylor defeated Silver Mask (c) to win title

  • Steve’O & Lord Humongous defeated Los Pervitos

  • Razor defeated Brendon O’Shea

  • No Holds Barred: Kid Regis defeated Rich’N Famous

  • Ferral defeated Vyper

  • ACW Tag Titles – Tables Match: DOA & Sam Steel def Fire Power (c) to win titles

  • ACW Title: Samson (c) defeated Kruiz

Herts & Essex Wrestling “Heaven’s On Fire 2006”
Takeley Silver Jubillee Hall, Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire

  • Angel Blade & Tiger X beat Paul Maylen & G.O.D

  • Stixx defeated Bulk

  • Ricky Knight defeated Ashe

  • Zac Zodiac & Jack Storm defeated Ricky Relentless & James Tighe

  • Charlie Rage defeated Hysteria

  • Martin Stone beat Big Dave by DQ

  • HEW Title: Hade Vansen defeated Andy Simmonz and Bash (c) to win title

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HCW: River Severn Wrestling
Centrepoint Bar, Redditch, Worcestershire

  • Kade Callous defeated Jonny The Body

  • Thomas Bassey defeated Ricky Hype

  • Maddog Max defeated Matt Vaughn

  • Handicap Match: Ronin defeated The Chav Army

  • Double Jeopardy (Ricky Hype & Nick Beretta) defeated The Bassey Brothers

  • HCW:RSW Title: Caiman defeated Marcus Kool (c) to win title

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Wrestle Zone Wrestling “All Out”
Belle Vue Sports Centre, Hartlepool, Cleveland
Attendance: 300+

  • North East Bulldogs defeated T2K

  • Carbon & Max Heat defeated Highlander & Liam Thompson

  • wZw Cruiserweight Title – 3 Way Match: Micky L defeated Iain Robinson (c) and Pac to win title

  • AJ Anderson defeated Dale Richie

  • Street Fight: Iceman defeated Anthony McIntyre

Source: UKFF