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UK Scene #222 *UK Scene Top 50 Special*

Welcome to the interactive UK Scene with me, your ever lovable Saz, we delve into the goings on around the UK this week as well as discuss the results of the top 50…

Welcome to the interactive UK Scene with me, your ever lovable Saz, we delve into the goings on around the UK this week as well as discuss the results of the top 50.


NBW announceā€ Debut Day” which is to be held on Saturday 8th July at the Wragby Sports Centre in Wragby, Lincolnshire.

Current card reads:

  • NBW Tag Team Titles: Stixx & Bubblegum (c) vs. Paul Malen & Gabriel Osias Deville

  • El Ligero vs. Dave Fraiser

  • Killer Instinct & ? vs. Jay Beaver, Adrenaline & British Born Steel

I spoke to BB Steel the other day and he has now got a support for his knee, so hopefully we won’t have anymore repeats of the injury that knocked him out for too long already!

You can find out more about the show on this thread here and perhaps make your own comments.


FWA remind us that their latest show will be held on Thursday 29th June at the Winter Gardens in Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire

Current Card:

  • FWA British Heavyweight Champion Hade Vansen vs. Stevie Knight in a Non Title Match

  • FWA British Flyweight Title: Pac (c) vs. Stevie Lynn

  • Darren Burridge vs. Iceman

  • The UK Pitbulls vs. The EntouRAGE

With some of your favorite wrestlers there (Several UK Scene top 50 rankers, but I won’t spoil it for you!) this should be a great show!

If you want to start a discussion on FWA, please feel free on the TWO UK Scene Forum.

LDN Wrestling continue to announce wrestlers for “Caesars Beatings” which will be held on Saturday 15th July at The Central Park Leisure Centre in Harold Hill, Essex.

New card reads:

  • Chris Wyld vs. Curve

  • Jetta vs. Jezebel

  • Six Man Elimination Tag Match: Jamie James & Project Future vs. JP Monroe & The Welsh Assembly

  • Johnny Kidd vs. Majik

  • LDN Title: Ashe (c) vs. Martin Stone

If you want to start a discussion on LDN, please feel free on the TWO UK Scene Forum.

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UK Scene Comments

Pete england asks “will 3cw be doing any shows in Birmingham soon?”, what do you think? Should there be a Northern invasion? Put your thoughts here.

Devilish Angel Continues to pop the questions (we wish!), this week she asks some of the workers who post on the UK scene why they are called what they are called.

Nice to read and even nicer to join in here.


If you are interested in becoming a professional wrestling, we are here for you on the TWO Forums, with a comprehensive list of training schools throughout the UK and now with links to suppliers of wrestling gear too! See how good we are to you?

Click here to see the list!

And Finally…

And Finally

Bet you all thought it was never coming…

I can now announce the Official Talk Wrestling Online & Wrestling 101’s UK Scene Top 50 Wrestlers of 2006!

But before I do, here are some interesting facts:

1. There were 98 wrestlers in total voted for, which meant I could have tried for a top 100!
2. There was only one female wrestler voted for!
3. Only about 1/4 of the initial votes helped to sort the wrestlers with equal points.
4. Those who didn’t vote are going to bitch about the results!

Ok, so I made the last one up, I’ll guess we’ll have to see on that one, but here is the list with their rank from 2005 in brackets.

UK Scene Top 50 Wrestlers of 2006

1. Doug Williams (1)
2. Jonny Storm (3)
3. Darren Burridge (33)
4. Carl Mizzery (49)
5. Robbie Brookside (11)
6. The Judge (NE)
7. Jody Fleisch (4)
8. Ricky Knight (23)
9. Majik (10)
10. Brett Banner (NE)
11. SpUd (2)
12. Sal Americana (32)
13. Pac (NE)
14. Paul Birchall (24)
15. James Tighe (7)
16. Iceman (NE)
17. Lance Thunder (NE)
18. Stevie Lynn (NE)
19. Darkside (NE)
20. Staxx (NE)
21. Kevin O’Neil (NE)
22. Domino (NE)
23. William Regal (NE)
24. Onslaught (NE)
25. Cupid Valentino (NE)
26. Rob Hunter (6)
27. Iain Robinson (NE)
28. Martin Stone (22)
29. Dave Finlay (NE)
30. Keith Myatt (NE)
31. Jack Storm (5)
32. Jay Phoenix (NE)
33. Alex Shane (14)
34. Aviv Mayan (26)
35. Ashe (New Breed) (39)
36. Curve (New Breed) (NE)
37. Chris Cannon (NE)
38. James Mason (44)
39. Dave (Pitbulls) (NE)
40. Marc Hogan (NE)
41. Nick Mace (NE)
42. Andy Simmonz (NE)
43. Bulk (Pitbulls) (NE)
44. Sweet Saraya (NE)
45. Big Badd Donaghan (NE)
46. Dave Styles (NE)
47. Steve Valentino (NE)
48. Tyler Rayne (NE)
49. Anthony McIntyre (NE)
50. Carbon (NE)

I think the first thing I noticed about the final results is the extraordinary amount of new entries into the top 50. There could be several reasons for this, the wrestlers who were in last year have either quit, the fan base has changed or these are the wrestlers who are currently being pushed by their promotions.

There are several anomalous votes, however, the issue was not who was the “best” wrestler in just technique, I am sure fans voted on who entertains them and we cannot really predict what entertains a fan.

One of the wrestlers I was glad to see finally be recognised is the Judge, I have said several times that he is a good wrestler, but not only that, he is entertaining and I think that a lot of the fans has recognised him as a distinctive personality and I am very happy with his position.

Darren Burridge has also obviously made serious headway in his career, as well as the return of Carl Mizzery whose ability has turned heads in more than one promotion.

Veteran Ricky Knight gets the fans vote for his work over this year a great jump to position 8 from 23, which proves the vets still have what it takes!

Another person who deserves their place is Iceman who put on an impressive British display with Low Ki at 1PW.

It’s good to see the Pitbulls have made a spot there, as I know they are great workers to work with and I had great fun with them, the best thing is that the fans also recognise this by voting for them.

Obviously though, Doug Williams is the number 1 wrestler in the UK for the second time and that is not a position to be ignored

Personally I don’t 100% agree with the top 50, mostly due to some odd rankings, but I had my votes and I made my choice, as did others and this was what the people chose.

So who am I to argue?

Should you wish to make your comments then please put them in the thread here.

Take care