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WWE: Official SmackDown Preview

What’s the story, Finlay?
September 15, 2006

Last Friday on SmackDown, Batista finally got a second chance to win back the World Heavyweight Championship, after nearly taking it from King Booker at SummerSlam. The Animal couldn’t avoid a sneak attack from royal knight extraordinaire Sir Finlay, though, and he lost the contest, allowing King Booker’s reign over SmackDown to continue. Finlay then proceeded to deliver a brutal skull-bashing that left The Animal covered in blood. How did Batista respond this week? Has his chance at the gold officially run out, or could he find a way to get back the prize he believes still rightfully belongs to him?

What has gotten into Finlay? His rage was like nothing we have seen before, but was it merely an isolated incident, or a warning of things to come? The WWE fans will learn his motives on Friday, as Finlay made good on his promise to come forward and explain his horrific actions – and what he had to say could not have pleased The Animal.

Also last Friday, United States Champion Mr. Kennedy had a major announcement for the SmackDown audience. Kennedy claimed that he might as well go to RAW since he has climbed every mountain in the land of SmackDown. However, General Manager Teddy Long had a declaration of his own for his upstart young Superstar: At No Mercy on Oct. 8, Mr. Kennedy will meet Undertaker.

This week, Kennedy squared off against Rey Mysterio, who last week fought valiantly through a tough contest with Finlay but could not overcome his heavy emotional burden, giving the opportunistic Irishman the advantage he needed to score the victory. This week, Rey appeared to have finally recovered from Chavo and Vickie Guerrero’s betrayal, thanks to a special guest watching the match in the locker room area. However, the United States Champion was not about to be the victim of Mysterio’s reborn enthusiasm. Would Rey still be all smiles at the match’s end, or would Mr. Kennedy declare that he was victorious?

Chavo and Vickie made their debut as business partners last week, and their alliance got off to a great start as Chavo defeated Tatanka. What would come next for the new partnership? Have they finally finished beating down the emotions of Rey Mysterio?

Find out all the answers and see all the action yourself Friday at 8/7 CT on UPN. Find out where SmackDown is pre-empted this week.