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NPWA: Latest Card For "Unlucky For Some" On October 13th & Other News

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Nitro Professional Wrestling Alliance Press Release – 06/10/06

The next NPWA event is Unlucky For Some on Friday the 13th of October at the Aspull British Legion. Tickets are just £4 for adults and £3 for children, doors open at 7PM and the show starts at 7:45PM.

Matches were announced this morning on

Main Event: NPWA International Championship Match
Champion Crux Vs Challenger The Fireball

Crux has been on a role for the last few months, picking up several major victories and the International Championship. This will be his first defence in a one on one situation and it will not be an easy one. The Fireball came very close to defeating Jonny Storm one week ago and the Governor is in such a good mood that he has given him a shot at the International Championship.

This will be their first one on one collision and it is a highly anticipated one as they are seen as some of the best technical wrestlers in the NPWA. Of course both men want to show that they are the best and both want to be the International Champion. In fact, The Fireball has been claiming that the Title would have been his again a long time ago had he not decided to let AC Kage have a go, but now that Kage has lost it it’s time to get it back in the Governing Body.

Crux aims to prove that he is the one true International Champion with a victory at Unlucky For Some through Pride, Strength and Honour.

Make sure you see this clash of current and former Champions on Friday the 13th

Heavyweight Championship Match
Since embarrassing his arch nemesis Gary Wild at STS5 and becoming NPWA Champion, Luke Marsden seems to be living in an oasis, nothing seems to be bothering the Governor, not the loss of his team at STS5 or even Fireball’s loss to Jonny Storm. Marsden seems to have slightly lost touch with reality since becoming a ‘marked man’ and having the title that every member of the NPWA roster craves for and now in a shocking new development, Governor Marsden contacted the NPWA Board of Directors late last night and informed them he is going to prove he is a fighting champion and will defend the NPWA Heavyweight Championship at Unlucky For Some!

Some Board members believe this will be an elaborate plan by Marsden to stop the Board sending NPWA Chairman Tony McManus to the show to announce the Boards decision on the Championship situation. There is only one way to find out what happens in this ‘match’ that the NPWA Governor has stated will happen and also to see what else unfolds in this exciting saga. On Friday the 13th, at NPWA Unlucky For Some, what will become of the NPWA Championship and for that matter, the NPWA Governor?

Triple T Championship Match
Champion Chris Sabre Vs Bodycount Vs Adrian Myers
This is a battle of some of the best Triple T Champions in the titles history. Chris Sabre may be the most popular Triple T Champion ever, winning huge fan support the last time we were in Aspull when he defeated Kevin OmeGa. Bodycount is the successful Triple T champion ever, as Phobia he was the original champion and went on to win it a second time. Myers is the most high-profile Triple T Champion ever, winning the Championship in a huge 6-man tag team match between Wildcat Inc and The Governing Body back in January.

They are all experienced in this sort of situation, but they are all very different people in terms of size, personality and wrestling styles. Who will win this showdown of Triple T greats? Be at the Aspull British Legion on Friday the 13th to find out.

Tag Team Championship Match
Champions Heaven and Hell Vs Challengers Paul Havoc and “The Human Wrecking
Machine” Sebb

During the first half of 2006 the tag team division was dominated by the huge rivalry between Heaven and Hell and the Untouchables. When Heaven and Hell emerged with the tag team titles at Night of Champions 5, personal issues caused the untouchables to split as a team. However, Paul Havoc and Mark Rage have been experimenting with new partners ever since to try and reclaim the tag team championships.

Recently we saw the team of Havoc and Brickwall emerge as top contenders to the titles and the board of directors decided to give them a shot at the gold, but Chairman of the board Tony McManus has pulled Brickwall out of this match. McManus agreed to let Havoc choose any partner that he wanted for this match.

Havoc will now team up with “The Human Wrecking Machine” Sebb, who wants revenge on Adonis after he gave him concussion during the Strive to Survive 5 main event. Sebb and Havoc have each been struggling to find a direction for their career lately, perhaps this could be the beginning of something.

It won’t be an easy match for the challengers by any stretch of the imagination. Adonis and Carnage have been the champions for quite a while now and they have a lot of experience as a tag team. You also have to factor in that they are now members of the Governing Body and we have seen Governor Marsden use his influence to his groups favour in the past. Heaven and Hell see themselves as the greatest team in NPWA history, they are certainly the best team in the company today. Will this match be the one where they show how great they really are, or is it true that pride comes before a fall?

Find out at Unlucky For Some.

Exhibition Match
F8L Fury Vs The Freek Show

F8L Fury, “Partytime” Angel D’Sousa and Paul “Demo” Gibson, made their debut in the NPWA on September 29th and got the attention of the fans. They fought to a double count out with Brickwall and Paul Havoc and showed that they could be set to rise up the tag team ranks sooner, rather than later.

The Freek Show may not wrestle as a tag team very often, but we saw at Strive that they have excellent team work as Oblivion got involved in OmeGa’s match with Paul Andrews. OmeGa picked up a huge win at Strive with the win over the former Triple Crown winner and now he is looking to show that the Freek Show can have the same dominance in the tag team ranks. Once again we see a clash of styles and personalities. OmeGa is straight-edge, that’s drug and alcohol free, but “Partytime” is well known for his nights on the town. One thing that the teams do have in common is that they are each made up of one small guy and one large guy, so they are a good match.

This contest could have a major effect on the tag team rankings, as the winners of the tag team title match will surely be looking to defend their titles against a top tag team.

Who will come out on top? Show your support for your favourite tag team in person at the Aspull British Legion.

Chairman of the Board Tony McManus will address the fans
It’s no surprise that Tony McManus is not happy with our new NPWA Champion. Mark Mason reported in his Breaking News on that McManus will be in meetings with the Board of Directors all week before the show to try and work out what move to make next.

The Chairman has said that he will be at Unlucky For Some and he will address the fans and the new NPWA Champion. The Board has already said that they officially recognise Governor Marsden as the Champion, but what else will they have said or decided regarding the future of the Championship?

Tony McManus will reveal all at Unlucky For Some, but will the night be unlucky for Marsden, or McManus himself?

Also featuring: Gary Wild, Brickwall, AC Kage, Enigma, Governor Marsden, Lady Tara, Kelly Armstrong, Miss Kennedy, Static Doll and many more…

Huge match signed for December 1st:

The NPWA will return to Mr Earl’s Club in Wigan on December 1st and the main event has now been officially signed.

It will be The Fireball and AC Kage Vs Gary Wild and Jonny Storm in a tag team match.

Upcoming Events:





NPWA Online Shop:
The NPWA online shop has been updated, with lots of new products available for purchase.

New DVDs include “Conspiracy Theory”(£10) and “Counter Attack”(£10). All of our show DVD’s from before 2006 are now reduced to just £9 each.

Our last event “Strive To Survive 5” is available for pre order (£12) and will feature exclusive backstage footage and interviews, Jake Edwards and Governor Marsden will provide commentary, and as well as the entire event you get an exclusive inter-promotional match between the NPWA’s Adonis and the RWA’s Sean Phoenix.

New T-Shirts are now available (£13), including the official NPWA shirt and the Kevin OmeGa shirt.
Signed photographs (£3) of a selection of NPWA wrestlers are now available and official NPWA key rings are coming soon.
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Unlucky For Some:
Don’t forget it’s Friday the 13th of October at the Aspull British Legion
(WN2 1YT).
Tickets: £4 Adults, £3 Children (Pay on the Door)
Opens: 7PM
Starts: 7:45PM
A Heavyweight Championship Match
International Title: Crux Vs The Fireball
Triple T Title: Chris Sabre Vs Adrian Myers Vs Bodycount
Tag Team Titles: Heaven and Hell Vs Paul Havoc and Sebb
F8L Fury Vs the Freek Show
Tony McManus addresses the fans
Plus: Gary Wild, Brickwall, AC Kage, Enigma, Governor Marsden, Lady Tara,
Kelly Armstrong and many more…