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WWE: Official ECW on Sci Fi Preview (14/11/06)

Paul Heyman transformed the landscape of December to Dismember on the last ECW on Sci Fi as he revealed some details about the Extreme Elimination Chamber. The “Holy Grail,” as Heyman referred to it, will be at stake on Dec. 3 in a structure filled with weapons and ruthless competitors. As Heyman declared, the final entrant in the Chamber could be any Extremist or Superstar in ECW, SmackDown or RAW. Who will respond to Heyman’s open invitation next week on ECW on Sci Fi? Who will Heyman select as the sixth and final Extreme Elimination Chamber combatant?

Where does Heyman’s announcement leave RVD? The main event concluded with another shock as Hardcore Holly ended his brief alliance with Rob Van Dam when he turned on Van Dam and obliterated him in the center of the ring. Holly also approached a grinning Heyman for a handshake. Does this mean Hardcore Holly is back to helping Heyman? Will the returned obstacle of Holly be too much for RVD to overcome in his quest for the ECW World Title?

In the first Extreme Elimination Chamber qualifying match of the night on ECW on Sci Fi last week, CM Punk put the jealous Mike Knox in his place once and for all. Is this rivalry over, or is it just heating up? Also, Test defeated Tommy Dreamer in a new breed vs. ECW Original match. Will Heyman’s newest right-hand man continue his success and carry it over to the Extreme Elimination Chamber?

In a shocking statement, Elijah Burke announced his addition to the ECW roster along with his associate from Big Bear, Calif., Sylvester Terkay. Will these two hybrid athletes be able to dominate their competition like they have in the past? How will other Extremists be able to handle their unique tandem formula?

Find out the answers to all of these questions and more on the next ECW on Sci Fi at 10/9 CT on Tuesday.