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ACW: "Children In Need" Results 17/11/06

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RESULTS : ACW ‘Children In Need’

Friday 17th November 2006,
Bletchley Leisure Centre,
Princes Way,
Milton Keynes,
MK2 2HQ.

ACW put on another night of wrestling for charity, this time choosing ‘Children In Need’. With a capacity crowd on hand, and some great performances from the wrestlers; we’ve managed to so far raise over £800 and will be announcing the exact amount soon.

MAIN EVENT : *ACW Heavyweight Championship* Samson (c) w/ The ‘Internet Icon’ Petey Staniforth defeated Brendon O’Shea.
At points during the match, Brendon O’Shea threatened to pull off the upset victory, but Samson’s experience and the added factor of his manager/ACW Owner Petey Staniforth was too much for the brave O’Shea; as Samson took the victory with a running tombstone piledriver for the win. After the match, Staniforth demanded Samson continue hurting Brendon O’Shea, and was verbally running him down as Bull Harley came out and warned Petey that “I’m your shadow..I may be retired, but I’m not too far away and you never know when I’ll be there to screw with your plans”. The ever arrogant ‘Internet Icon’ looked…smiled an almost Grinch like smile…and many speculate he has another twisted plan in mind to deal with Bull Harley.

*Royal Rumble*
Defeating 24 other wrestlers, King Ferral made his triumphant return to action and won the rumble, therefore earning himself a shot at the ACW Heavyweight Championship on December 9th.

*ACW Light Heavyweight Championship* Vyper (new champion) defeated Silver Mask.
After months of trying, Vyper finally came through and did what many considered wasn’t possible, by defeating the unison of Silver Mask and his interfering manager Lewis Cooper. It took a miscalculation, where Cooper went to hit Silver Mask with the title belt and with Vyper ducking; the manager hit his wrestler in the head full force with the belt and Vyper took the popular victory.

*ACW Tag Team Championship* The Players Club (c) defeated Crawling West and Kyle Kraze.
With Kid Regis nowhere to be found, rookie Crawling West seized the opportunity of a tag team title shot; stepping in as Kyle Kraze’s partner for the evening. But the Players once again rolled over the competition, continuing their winning streak.

During the interval, ACW owner, The ‘Internet Icon’ Petey Staniforth came out, and challenged ‘anyone in this roundabout filled hellhole called Milton Keynes’ to try to slam his bodyguard, Tommy Gunn. Wrestlers tried, and wrestlers failed, even Pudsey Bear (the mascot of Children In Need) tried, and once he failed; the evil Staniforth knocked the bear out with a shot from his metal clipboard to the head. But in a recurring theme, Bull Harley came out, slammed Tommy Gunn, and reiterated his plans to make Petey’s life hell.

Humongous defeated Sam Steel.
In a shocking ending to a hard hitting match, Humongous took the victory with a camel clutch that forced Sam Steel into unconsciousness and his passing out through the pain. But Humongous refused to let go of the hold after the decision, and several wrestlers had to come from the back to save Sam Steel from permanent injury.

*Hardcore Tag Team Match* DOA & Matt Naylor w/The ‘Internet Icon’ Petey Staniforth went to a no contest with Inferno and mystery partner…. Bull Harley.
DOA and Naylor thought it was going to be an easy 2 v 1 match, as Petey Staniforth proclaimed that “Inferno, I know you have no friends, because I ran your only friend out of ACW last week, so you can have ANYONE you want in your corner”. Inferno took Staniforth literally, and called out his long time tag partner Bull Harley for a reunion of FirePower, to the thrill of the live audience and the anger of Petey. Despite starting calmly, the match soon degenerated into a brutal fight, with both members of FirePower hitting a top rope splash onto their opponents for the win. Samson then came out, reminding Bull Harley that he retired him last week and that Harley had no right to be in an ACW ring. At this point, the perennially evil Petey Staniforth grinned, took the microphone and overruled the referee’s decision of FirePower’s victory and called it a no-contest.

Brian Braddock defeated Frantastic.

Tank defeated Lewis Cooper.

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