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Eric Young Interview Recap From Falls Count Anywhere Radio Show (31/01/07)

Thanks to Wrestling Radio Network for sending the following in:

ERIC YOUNG, current TNA superstar joined Falls Count Anywhere this past week (Jan. 31st 2007) to discuss his current role in the company, as well as much more. The show can be heard in its entirety (and goes out live every Wednesday at 7pm ET) at

The show also included a raunchy interview with Sexxxy Eddy that has to be heard to be believed.

Interview Recap:

— Eric is asked if the X-division is being cheated. He believes that is hard for a 42 minute show to give everyone the time they need, and feels it is on the backburner rather than left to the side. He praises the PCS as something that shines a new light on the guys and gives them personality.

— The host feels that Eric is the ultimate entertainer, which is the aim. Eric thinks it’ll be a surprise when people see that he can actually wrestle in competitive matches.

— He feels that Vince Russo has made both good contribution and mistakes, but that the booking team is full of knowledgeable people. He says TNA should simply focus on not making the little mistakes.

— A chat member asks which Team Canada member Eric would love to tag with if he wanted a tag team title shot. He says he enjoyed tagging with Bobby Roode, due to their similar mindsets. The host brings up comments made by Kip James on the under-usage of Roode, which Eric agrees with.

— He is excited for the two-hour Monday night show on the week that Monday Night RAW is pre-emptied for the Westminster Dog Show, and hopes that people enjoy it.

— He thinks TNA has lasted because it took baby steps instead of growing too quickly like ECW did.

— Eric has been a wrestling fan since the age of 5, and finds it hard to watch the WWE product due to it being a “shadow of it’s former self.”

— He says that everyone knows who Kurt Angle is and that he’s a huge asset to TNA.

— Eric runs down a few upcoming TNA shows, including the Lockdown pay-per-view in St. Louis. There will be a signing on the first day of ticket sales that he will be attending.

— He quickly plugs the two-hour special and that concludes the interview.

The full near-30 minute interview also covers Young’s views on Jim Cornette, Rob Van Dam in TNA, the women’s division,  and what he’d do if his career ended today.

To hear this show, which also includes the Sexxxy Eddy interview, head over to, which also has archived shows for Wrestling Weekly with Doc Young and Les Thatcher, The Whole ‘Effin Show, The Irish Whip and many more.

Falls Count Anywhere is live every Wednesday night at 7pm ET, 6pm CT, 12am GMT.