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WWE: Raw Results (28/5/07)

Live from Toronto, Ontario

– RAW begins with a Memorial Day tribute video.

– RAW set is different than usual due to the SNME taping. Justin Roberts is still on ring announcing duties.

(1) Memorial Day Interpromotional Bikini Battle Royal – Candice Michelle vs. Mickie James vs. Maria vs. Jillian Hall vs. Extreme Expose vs. Michelle McCool vs. Kristal vs. Women’s Champion Melina. water is flying all over the place in this match due to water guns and water balloons, Kristal is eliminated, Brooke next, then Maria. Layla eliminated, Kelly gone, they actually start wrestling now. Mickie James gone, Candice gone, Michelle takes it to Jillian and Melina before eliminating Jillian. It down to Michelle and Melina, Michelle dropkicks Melina to the outside for the win!

– backstage, Shane McMahon is shown making his way to the stage.

– Randy Orton vs. Rob Van Dam and John Cena & Bobby Lashley vs. Umaga, Shane & Khali later tonight.

– Shane on the stage, Shane makes the announcement that in 2 weeks time all superstars from RAW, SmackDown and ECW will be at RAW for the 1st ever Tri-Brand WWE Draft. Shane goes on to say that he is sure his father will defeat Lashley at One Night Stand, he says he will lead by example and pin Lashley tonight, he says Lashley will find out first hand why they call him the money.

(2) 8-Man Tag Team Match – World Tag Team Champions The Hardys and Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch vs. Johnny Nitro & Kenny Dykstra and World’s Greatest Tag Team. Dykstra has road kill around his neck. Great fast paced match, Hardys and Cade & Murdoch working well together, Murdoch flies from the top rope to the outside!! King makes the comment "he looks like a flying cow!" Haas gets 2 count on Jeff after a kick from Benjamin, heel team continue to work over Jeff, he finally gets a tag to Matt. Matt hits a combo on Nitro and Dykstra, match breaks down, teams brawl on the outside, Hardys hit a Twist of Fate-Swanton combo on Kenny for the win. After the match, WGTT challenge The Hardys to a title match at One Night Stand, Hardys accept, and the stipulation…a ladder match!

– backstage. Todd Grisham interviews John Cena (crowd boos) Todd asks if Cena is scared of Khali, he says he isn’t and does an impression of the way Khali speaks and actually sounds like him! Cena says he loves shutting critics up, he says at One Night Stand he gives his word that he can, and he will.

– backstage. Maria interviews Santino Marella about the Draft, he says he doesn’t mind where he is, as long as he’s IC champion, Maria asks if Santino’s accent is Italian! Santino jokes with her before leaving.

– Randy Orton then aproaches Maria and talks about how on RVD was upset about what Randy did to HBK, Randy says that ending HBK’s career was one of the greatest moments in his life, he says he had respect for HBK but has none for RVD

(3) Rob Van Dam vs. Randy Orton. Orton and RVD are working well together, both hit favorite moves from their arsenal, back and forth action, RVD takes bump to the outside. Orton works hard over RVD, stomping him all over, RVD finally makes a come back and hits the Rolling Thunder, RVD has Orton down for a 2 count, hits a monsault for another near fall, RVD jumps to the top to go for a frog splash but nearly falls due to the earlier assault, hits a kick to Orton from the top, RVD looks out of it, Orton hits a huge DDT a la HBK. RVD’s eyes are glazed over, Randy kicks RVD right in the head, referee stops the match and it is awarded to Orton, Orton then hits a MASSIVE RKO on RVD that flips RVD over. Best RKO I’ve ever seen, RVD is taken out just like HBK.

up next; Ric Flair & Torrie Wilson vs. Carlito & Victoria

– Hardys vs. WGTT now official for the One Night Stand PPV.

– footage is shown from during the commercial of RVD being helped away, King says it looks like a concussion.

(4) Ric Flair & Torrie Wilson vs. Carlito & Victoria. Victoria slaps Flair twice, Flair puts her in the figure-four, Carlito breaks it up, Carlito works on Flair’s knee, he is laying on the mat while in the ring Carlito kisses Torrie, she slaps him and tries to get to Flair, with her back turned he hits the Back Stabber on her for the win.

– King and J.R. run down the One Night Stand card, they note that in the WWE Title Street Fight you can only win by pinfall.

– backstage, Umaga and Khali get in each others face, Umaga is speaking Samoan while Khali is speaking Punjab, Shane comes in and tells Khali to take out Cena and Umaga to take out Lashley, he says whatever happens, Shane gets the pin.

– Maria is doing the kiss cam but gets interrupted by Chris Masters, he challanges Santino Marella to a Master Lock Challenge, Santino comes out, they start off fighting but Masters soon gets the Master Lock on him, crowd chant "Santino", Santino fades and Masters poses before leaving.

– promo for the Tri-Brand WWE Draft in 2 weeks is shown

(5) Handicap Match – Shane McMahon, Umaga & The Great Khali vs. ECW World Champion Bobby Lashley & WWE Champion John Cena. Umaga & Cena start off, crowd chant "Cena sucks", crowd then start "Cena sucks", "Let’s go Cena"!! Shane and Umaga keep Cena down, Umaga hits a Samoan Drop, gets a 2 count, Khali in, hits a leg drop and tags back out! Shane has a body scissors on Cena, Cena escapes and takes down Shane with a suplex, Cena tags Lashley in, takes it to Umaga, Khali tags himself in, Lashley and Cena get Khali in the ropes, Umaga hits a Samoan Spike on Cena on the outside, Lashley goes after Shane, Khali escapes
the ropes and Double Chokeslams Lashley, Shane gets the tag in hits an elbow drop from the top and pins Lashley for the win.

Umaga, Khali and Shane walk up the ramp and are met by Mr. McMahon at the top with the title over his shoulder, they celebrate as RAW goes off the air.