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TNA: 3 Weeks of iMPACT *Spoilers*

TNA taped three episodes of Impact tonight at Universal Studios Florida. Richard Trionfo called in the following results:

Impact 5/31

*Jim Cornette came to the ring to discuss the King of the Mountain match, mentioning that Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle had already qualified. He noted that this week’s match was scheduled to be Jeff Jarrett vs. AJ Styles, but due to "family issues" Jarrett was unable to appear. Cornette said that he understood Jarrett’s decision. Christian Cage, AJ Styles, and Tomko came to the ring and said they were going to throw a party if Jarrett had to forfeit the match. Cage demands Cornette raise AJ’s hand in victory and said that it was five on one at Sacrifice. He said that Cornette has been screwing with him by not telling Cage who his opponent will be in the King of the Mountain qualifying match and went on and on. Cornette apologized and was going to announce Styles was the winner by forfeit, but since Cage had pointed out that he had made so many recent "bad business decisions" he wasn’t going to make another. He then announced it will be AJ Styles vs. Tomko in the qualifier. Styles was angry but Cage was trying to calm him down and find out who his own opponent would be in the qualifier.

*Christopher Daniels vs. Rhino – The match never starts as Sting attacks Daniels while he’s on his way to the ring and they brawl into the crowd, then to the concession area. Rhino grabs the mic and says that he wanted to kick on Daniels’ teeth but Sting beat him to it, so he’s issuing an "Extreme Challenge" to anyone in the back. LAX comes to the ring. Konnan begins talking about TNA’s conspiracy against LAX. He says that Rhino now has issues with LAX and regardless of whatever TNA tries to do, LAX will get the tag titles back. Konnan sees Hector Guerrero is sitting in the crowd and tells him he’s sold out. Guerrero came to the ring and stayed in Rhino’s corner.

*Rhino defeated Homicide. After the match, LAX attacked Rhino. They were about to hit Rhino with a chair, but Guerrero gets in the ring. LAX work over Guerrero until Chris Harris hits the ring for the save.

*TNA X-Division champion Chris Sabin defeated Kaz in a non-title match. Serotonin appear behind the bleachers during the match. Said to be Kaz’s best match since returning to TNA.

*AJ Styles defeated Tomko to qualify for the Slammiversary King of the Mountain match. Christian Cage came out to watch during the match. They were teasing that Cage was trying to cheer on both guys. Kurt Angle came to the ring halfway through the match, watching from a ramp. Samoa Joe comes out, brushing past Angle as he walks out. Styles rolls up Tomko as he argues with Cage for the pin.

Impact 6/7

*Robert Roode defeated Jerry Lynn. Roode and Ms. Brooks try to work over Lynn but Eric Young hits the ring with a chair. Roode shoves Brooks in the way as he escapes. Brooks tries to leave but Young brings her back into the ring. They tease giving Brooks a cradle piledriver but Jim Cornette comes out and declares there will be no violence against women in TNA. He says that if Brooks wants to get physically involved in other people’s business, she can have a match with Gail Kim later on tonight.

*Gail Kim defeated Tracy Brooks. Robert Roode comes out after the match. Kim goes after Roode, but Brooks hit Kim from behind. Kim was laid out.

*Chris Harris fought James Storm to a no contest in a King of Mountain Qualifier so neither man advances. They brawled all over the building and this was a good continuation of the feud from the Sacrifice Texas Death Match. Harris speared Storm through the bottom of the stage. The referee counted both men out and said the first man to get to the ring would be the victor, but neither man could recover. Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe came out to scout during the bout, with Joe bumping Angle again. After the match was over, Angle and Joe get in each other’s faces in the ring ans security separates them. AJ Styles hits the ring with a pipe and tries to nail Angle, who ducks and puts Styles in the Anklelock.

Impact 6/14

*The Steiners & Basham & Damaja defeated TNA Tag Team champions Team 3D & Voodoo Kin Mafia. Christy Hemme sprays kip James with something, allowing Basham to get the pin. 3D and Steiners were kept away from each other. Lance Hoyt came out to check on Kip.

*In a King of the Mountain "Redemption Match" Samoa Joe & AJ Styles & Kurt Angle defeated Sting & Tomko & Rhino in a bout where if they had lost, they would have forfeited their berth in the PPV match to Sting’s team. Tomko never showed up. Christopher Daniels came to the ring and asked to be tagged in by Sting who was getting beaten while Rhino was out on the floor. Daniels nails the Last Rites, setting up Angle pinning Sting.

*Christian Cage defeated the returning Abyss by DQ to qualify for the Slammiversary King of the Mountain match. Tomko came out to interfere, as did AJ Styles. Abyss press slammed Styles onto Tomko on the floor. Abyss used a chair on Cage, getting disqualified. After the DQ, Abyss nailed the referee with a chair. He goes under the ring and retrieves a bag of thumbtacks. Security tries to stop him, but are laid out. Terry Taylor and Simon Diamond try to stop him, but are laid out as well. Abyss opens the bag but it’s broken pieces of glass, not thumbtacks. Tomko and Styles work over Abyss and try to double chokeslam him. Cage stops them, then gets a barbed wire baseball bat. Cage is about to nail Abyss with it, but Abyss nails him with a big boot to the face. He runs off Tomko and Styles. Abyss is in the ring standing tall as the show ends.

TNA Today/Xplosion:

*Ron Killings does a rap.

*Lance Hoyt defeated Havoc.

*Alex Shelley defeated Petey Williams in a decent match.

*Senshi defeated Martyr.