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WWE: Smackdown Results (1/6/07)

-WWE Opener

They stagger the entrances- first M.V.P, then Benoit, then Miz, then Hardy. Don’t remember the last time I saw that. Benoit and Porter to start. Long lock-up and Benoit gets the advantage. After a quick flurry of punches by M.V.P in the corner, Benoit makes the tag to Hardy. After a quick cover, Porter gets on the offensive and tags Miz. Hardy runs him from one corner to the other, face first into the turnbuckle. Tag back in to Benoit, who hits a back-breaker for two. Benoit goes after Porter in the corner, which aids Miz in getting some offense in. Miz tries to hammer away at Benoit on the mat, but the Crippler does a good job covering up. Miz battles out of Benoit’s offense and hits a bodyslam and weak leg-drop. He proceeds to put some shoulders into Benoit’s gut in the corner. Cover gets two after a neck-breaker by the reality star. Snap-suplex by Benoit leads to a tag to Hardy. A right-hand drops Miz in the corner. Hardy drops an elbow to the back of Miz’s neck and hits a Side-Effect for two. Porter broke it up, then got a German suplex from Benoit. Miz is thrown to the outside as we go to break.


Hardy is getting hit by Miz in the corner when we come back. Matt comes back and works in a side-headlock. Miz backs him into the heel corner, and Porter uses this time to try for a cheap-shot, which misses, but Miz clotheslines Hardy anyway. With Matt inside the ring, his head hanging over the apron, M.V.P comes along and kicks him. M.V.P tags in, and I wonder what character I like more: The current M.V.P, or Steve Lombardi’s M.V.P (a.k.a Abe “Knuckleball” Schwartz). The heels are working well together and M.V.P gets another running kick to the head. I hope we’re not going for ANOTHER concussion angle. Miz gets a unique choke on the ropes on Hardy, but only gets a two-count. Hardy comes back as the crowd starts to get hot, but Miz cuts them (and Hardy) off by stopping Matt’s offense. Hardy tried a Twist of Fate, but M.V.P backed him into the corner. Both men are down now, and Benoit gets the crowd back into it. Hardy makes the tag and so does Porter, and Benoit is about to eat Miz for lunch. Porter is knocked off the apron and Benoit applies the Sharpshooter. Hardy cuts M.V.P. off. Miz gets out of the Sharpshooter, so Benoit puts on the Crossface, and Miz taps.

WINNERS: Benoit & Hardy at 15:33.
Pretty good tag match, considering Miz was in for the bulk of it.

-Later tonight, Deuce ‘N Domino defend the titles against London & Kendrick and Regal & Taylor in a triple-threat match.

-Hornswaggle is backstage getting ready for his match, and Finlay gets in his ear to pump him up.


McCool with a headlock take-over. Jillian grabs some hair and Michelle flips out of a head-scissors. She gets a Russian leg-sweep for a near fall. Jillian hits a boot to the got then a snap-mare, but Michelle holds on to the hair and snap-hairs Jillian over. Jillian holds onto the ropes on a whip, and draws Michelle in and pulls her through the ropes. Snap-mare by Jillian, then a kick to the spine for a one-count. Lot of yelling (and grunting) by these two girls. Jillian does a cartwheel elbow (does every diva learn that on the first day of training?) on Michelle in a corner. Michelle gets out of a back-breaker by kneeing Jillian in the head. Back elbow by Michelle as Jillian comes off the ropes. Belly-to-belly suplex for only two by McCool. Jillian comes back with a knee to the head, then a cartwheel into a legdrop. Two pin attempts are unsuccessful and Jillian starts having a tizzy. Ashley comes down the aisle, distracting Jillian enough for Michelle to hit a spinning back-breaker for the pin.

WINNER: McCool at 5:13.
Nothing to write home about.

-Batista is the guest on the Cutting Edge tonight.

-Boogeyman gets Little Boogey ready for his match in his own unique way.


Hornswaggle comes from under the ring instead of down the aisle, naturally. J.B.L, of course, makes tons of jokes during the match. Hornswaggle tosses his hat at Little Boogey, so Boogey ejects some worms from his mouth into the hat. Hornswaggle yells at the ref as Little Boogey gets some chops to the throat, then a slam. He puts the boots (and an elbow) to Hornswaggle. Little Boogey gets more sustenance from Boogeyman in the form of worms. He throws them in Hornswaggle’s face instead, then Hornswaggle spews green mist into Little Boogey’s face. Little Boogey is on the outside and Finlay comes from under the ring to lay into him. Boogeyman attacks, so Hornswaggle jumps on him. Finlay is in the ring with the Shillaleigh, hitting Little Boogey with it. Hornswaggle to the top, and hits a “Tadpole-splash” according to Michael Cole, for the win.

WINNER: Hornswaggle at 2:57.

-Another pre-taped Mark Henry promo.


I hope that’s water that’s always dripping off Henry when he comes to the ring. Kane gets shoved off out of a lock-up. The two jaw at each other mid-ring and Kane gets a right hand to the face. Kane couldn’t slam Henry though, but Henry easily slams Kane. Irish whip by Henry, but he walks into a boot in the corner. Kane starts hammering away and Henry exits the ring. Lock-up goes to the corner, and Henry takes advantage. Kane though comes back and hits a clothesline on Henry in the corner. Henry takes another breather, kicking the steps while he’s at it. Kane gets caught being over-aggressive and Henry goes on offense with a whip to the turnbuckle and a bodyslam. Cover gets two. Henry pounds away at Kane, then starts working on the lower back of the Big Red Machine. Cole compares Henry’s fists to slabs of ham. Mmmmm….ham. Kane tries to shake off Henry’s offense and fights back with more punches, but goes back down thanks to the Silverback’s clothesline. Henry misses a splash, as Kane moves out of the way. Kane hits a legdrop for two. Clothesline off the top by Kane, and he starts measuring him for a chokeslam. Henry hits the deck when he sees the hand in the air, then rolls out to ringside. Kane gets tired of waiting, dropkicking him through the ropes. Kane gets caught in a bearhug on the outside by Henry. Kane’s spine gets driven into the ring post. Henry comes back in and referee Charles Robinson counts out Kane.

WINNER: Henry at 7:20.
Slow, slower and slowest. Mostly punches when there was action.

-Later tonight, Edge’s first Cutting Edge on Smackdown, and he interviews Batista.


-Kristal is backstage with Edge. Edge says he’s going to ask Batista some tough questions tonight, and he sure isn’t afraid of him. He says Batista will be begging to be drafted off of Smackdown after One Night Stand.

-Some announcer talks to Deuce, Domino and Cherry backstage. Domino mistakes the question of their thoughts on the draft for the military draft. The announcer then brings up the triple-threat match, and Domino has to stop Deuce from getting in the announcer’s face. Their match……is next.


Domino and Regal to start, and Regal roughs the youngster up a bit before tagging to the former Squire. Before he can do much damage, Domino gets away and London tags in. London staggers Taylor then grabs a side-headlock. Shoulder knock-down by London and Regal tags back in. Good chain wrestling from the two, before Regal drops him on his back. Taylor is in and Kendrick comes in as well, elbowing Taylor in the shoulder. European uppercut off a test of strength by Taylor. Back in is Regal, who gets back into the champs’ corner, and Deuce tags in. Kendrick gets a heel kick on Deuce, then tags London. Paul gets the double-stomp to the arm off the top rope. Hip-toss by London into an arm-bar. London tags back in and continues to work the left arm. And it’s Domino in there now, I must’ve missed the tag. Taylor makes a blind tag in and works over Kendrick again. Taylor headbutts Kendrick in the gut, but Kendrick follows with a sunset flip. Taylor doesn’t go over though, instead, hitting a right hand on Kendrick. Kendrick hits a cross-body then propels himself and Taylor over the top rope. Break time.


Kendrick and Deuce are in and we’ve got a “Let’s go Kendrick” chant. Cross-body by Kendrick gets a two-count. Domino cheap-shots Kendrick as he tries to skin-the-cat back in the ring and Deuce takes over once he’s back in. Domino tags in and puts some stomps to Kendrick for a near-fall. Taylor makes a blind tag and hits another nice uppercut. Regal is in now and the two hit a double-suplex on Kendrick. Regal kicks at Kendrick ‘til he’s out of the ring. Regal butterfly suplexes Kendrick in, and his pin attempt is broken up by London. Taylor is in and Kendrick tries to come back, but Taylor puts him back down. Taylor applies a rest-hold as Kendrick tries to get near the ropes to break it. Slam by Taylor, then an arm-bar. Regal is in, but Kendrick puts up a fight and even gets a backslide for two, but Regal is able to get the advantage and tag out to Taylor. Enziguiri by Kendrick and Taylor tags out to Regal, who catches Kendrick before he can tag London. Now Domino is in, but he misses a splash and London is finally back in. He hits some aerial maneuvers on Domino and his standing moonsault is almost enough for the win, but Regal breaks it up. Kendrick takes out Regal & Taylor on the outside. London to the top, he has to fight off Deuce, who the ref makes sure gets out of the ring. That allows Cherry to trip up London and Domino makes the pin to retain.

WINNER: Deuce ‘N Domino at 16:36.

-The Cutting Edge is coming up, with special guest Batista.


-Earlier tonight, Mark Henry beat Kane. These two will face each other in a Lumberjack match Sunday. The other matches for One Night Stand are previewed by Cole and J.B.L.

-Teddy Long is backstage thanking Vickie for her Lumberjack match idea. Kristal is not happy in the background. Apparently, she’s worried about being drafted off of Smackdown and away from Teddy (awww…). Long says he’d follow her off the show if she got drafted. Vickie says if that happened, she would try to live up to the high standards Long has set. She even suggests the two sneak off early tonight and leave her in charge. Teddy and Kristal take her up on that offer.

-Edge is backstage heading to the ring for his Cutting Edge segment, which is next!


-Edge comes to the ring for The Cutting Edge. Edge sounds a bit under the weather (that or he’s losing his voice). Batista is introduced and he makes his way to the ring. Edge says it’s a pleasure to have Batista on the show. Edge says he isn’t intimidated and thinks Batista is. Batista gets up and takes his jacket off as Edge is a bit worried about that move. Edge is pissed that Batista thinks he stole the title from Undertaker. Both men are on their feet now. Edge wishes “Dave” a smart-aleck “good luck.” Batista then says “good luck” to Edge and pats him on the cheek. Edge claims he doesn’t need the luck. Batista says he does, then pats him hard on the arm. “No I don’t” says Edge, poking his finger into Batista’s chest. Batista returns the favor. Edge then shoves Batista, who decks Edge. Batista’s music hits as he leaves with Edge still on the mat. Not a ton of crowd heat here.