CBlog X- WWE Great American Bash & Larry King

Sorry for not posting a blog in awhile. Quite frankly there hasn’t been a whole lot to discuss lately. I know the Astin investigation and the Benoit media craze is still going strong, but nothing that one would consider “breaking” has happened recently.

In any case, I taped (because RAW was on at the same time) Larry King Live M0nday Night, which featured John Cena, Bret Hart, Chris Jericho, Steve Blackman, & Ted DiBiase. It was an okay interview, despite Larry King not giving a crap about the situation or anything going on around him, but this is the first time where any wrestlers can talk semi-freely without some ignorant host cutting them off and/or talking over them. I think all the wrestlers (or former wrestlers) made good points. The benefits (or lack thereof) in WWE seemed to set off Bret. I agree with Jericho’s views on how the media is dealing with this. Just because it happened to a wrestler and his family doesn’t automatically mean Benoit was on steroids. Not to say that there isn’t a high possibility of that, but the media doesn’t know that as fact, that’s strictly been assumed due to the steroids found in the Benoit home. That’s just like people blaming steroids for Eddie Guerrero’s death. While it may or may not have been steroids that killed him, that wasn’t the only factor. It was well known that Eddie had previous drug and alcohol problems. I know most people are thinking, “well, the toxicology reports don’t mean anything, it’s obvious steroids drove Benoit to do this.” I agree that it’s more than likely that steroids had something to do with it, but it’s not factual. I say that, until the toxicology reports come in, it’s all touch-and-go speculation.

On a lighter subject, the Great American Bash is coming up on July 22’nd. So far these matches have been announced:

  • WWE Championship: John Cena (c) Vs. Bobby Lashley
  • World Heavyweight Championship: Edge (c) Vs. Kane
  • ECW World Championship: Vengeance Rematch: Johnny Nitro (c) Vs. CM Punk
  • Batista Vs. The Great Khali
  • Texas Bullrope Match: Dusty Rhodes Vs. Randy Orton
  • United States Championship: MVP (c) Vs. Matt Hardy
  • Women’s Championship: Vengeance Rematch: Candice (c) Vs. Melina

Honestly, I’m only really looking forward to two matches on the card (thus far) and that’s the U.S. Title Match and the Texas Bullrope Match. I am pulling for Matt Hardy to win the United States Title. I think a U.S. Title reign for Matt is way overdue. I think the anticipation for the Texas Bullrope Match pretty much explains itself. I mean, you have a Bullrope Match, you have Hall of Famer, Dusty Rhodes competing in it, not to mention one of my favorite superstars, Randy Orton and the almost guaranteed involvment of an up-and-comer with a future in this business in Cody Rhodes. I don’t believe we’ve seen a Texas Bullrope Match since the 2004 Great American Bash in that unforgettable WWE Title Match between JBL and Eddie Guerrero (an excellent match, watch it if you haven’t seen it before). It’ll be awesome to see Dusty compete. While I haven’t seen near as much of “The American Dream” as some older fans, I am still as big a fan of Dusty from what I have seen. Not to mention he’s got to have one of the greatest entrance themes in the history of wrestling.

Speaking of historic wrestlers, since the last blog I posted WWE has officially announced the returns of both Rey Mysterio and Triple H (well, they’ve been running promos anyways). I am jacked for Trips’ return to the WWE. While I’m on the fence on his personal life and decisions, I am a huge fan of the character of Triple H; heel or face. The rap remix of “The Game” is awesome. WWE is going to have to do something huge for Triple H’s return (I came to that conclusion after he turned out not to be the partner for Lashley on RAW like I thought might happen). I could see an Undertaker-like return happening. Perhaps he could cost Orton the Bullrope Match at The Bash? I don’t really believe that’ll happen, seeing as the Trips/Orton feud has been put on hold. I read awhile back that Trips is wanting Orton to win the WWE Title, which I’m all for. It would be awesome to see Orton have a dignified reign and then have Trips take the title at a big event (like Survivor Series or even WrestleMania 24). If the title changes hands, I hope they get rid of the big, dumb, gimmicky spinner belt that Cena lugs around with him. In any case, the return of “The Game” is going to be a huge ‘mark out’ moment for me, guaranteed. If he returned at the Bash, that would be like a belated birthday present to me (my 19’th birthday is July 15’th).

Stay classy, readers (if there are any).