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WWE: Smackdown *Spoilers* (20/07/07)

I know some of you guys are going to want proof of these results, but I was at the event and I’ll try to remember everything that happened.

– Teddy Long annouches that Edge is injured and has to vacate the belt.Edge came out walking kinda depressed, no fireworks, he talked about his championship goals. He aired his own tribute, which was pretty funny with "Simply The Best" song. Teddy anoucnes that the belt will be decided in a 20-man battle royal.

– Torrie Wilson Vs. Victoria: Ok match, Torrie got a huge pop. Victoria won with the windows peak.

– 20 Man Battle Royal: Cant really remember all the details but. The last three men were Batista, Kane, and Khali. Batista was trying to get Kane over the top rope, but Khali came from behind and tossed them both.

– Khali Interview with his announcer about his win.

– Teddy Long and Vickie talk backstage about Khali’s win. They contemplate on who should face Khali at GAB. Teddy long decides to have a match between Kane and Batista to decide who gets to face Khali at GAB.

– MVP Interview: Talks about his match with Matt Hardy at GAB.

– Matt Hardy Vs. Kenny Dystra: Decent match. Matt Hardy won with a super twist of fate.

– Kane Vs. Batista: Crowd went crazy for this match. Good match. At the end of the match, Khali came to the ring and hit Batista, causing a DQ. Teddy Long came out and anounced that Khali would face both Kane and Batista at the GAB, in a triple threat match.

Note: After ECW ended, we got a bonus match which was the match for GAB. It was Kane, Batista, and Khali for the belt. Short match just to satisfy the fans I guess. Khali had been thrown outside the ring and came back and used a chair and caused the DQ.