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WWE: Emergency Meetings Taking Place

The Wrestling Observer is reporting that a series of "emergency" meetings are being held over the next few days where Vince McMahon and the creative team will be coming up with ideas to bring the Raw ratings back up. They have already decided on having McMahon come back as an on air character this Monday and they may also take note of USA’s idea to put Austin and Mick Foley on future shows to feed off the attitude era nostalgia.

The stress levels are said to be building and Vince is hearing out any ideas no matter how far "outside the box" they are.

The company itself is under the impression that the bad ratings are due to the lack of major star power as a lot of wrestlers are injured or were injured, leaving guys like Lashley to step up. Sources indicate that Vince has come to terms with the fact that Lashley may not quite be ready for the main event and a de-push is in the works as Triple H is set to return.

Vince’s return has now been plugged on to create some excitement and hopefully a better viewership next week.

"This Monday night, live on Raw at 9/8 CT on USA Network, Mr. McMahon strikes back."