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TNA: Hard Justice 2007 Results

* Live from Orlando, FL

– Opening PPV video features the Kurt/Karen Angle-Samoa Joe saga.
– Pyro goes off. A few fans have "Pacman" signs.
– In a pre-recorded segment, they show Adam "Pacman" Jones arrive with his entourage in a hummer.
– Don West and Mike Tenay run down the PPV line up.
– A video package is shown featuring all the media coverage of the Pacman Jones story.

(1) Black Machismo and Sonjay Dutt vs. Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin vs. Triple X (Christopher Daniels and Senshi with Elix Skipper at ringside). They have two seats in the front row reserved for Karen Angle and a guest. Earl Hebner is the referee. Daniels had Lethal under control in a corner, which allowed all three members of Triple X to do their XXX sign. Dutt did a moonsault onto the outside, falling on the other five grapplers in the bout. Skipper interfered, but Sabin kicked out of a Daniels pin fall attempt. Lots of a near falls, which got the "TNA, TNA" chants started. Lethal pinned Daniels with an inside cradle at 15:36. Fans were also chanting "this is awesome!"

– Backstage, Karen Angle is fooling around with a new bald guy in Samoa Joe’s locker room. They are drinking wine together.

(2) Kaz vs. Raven (with Havok and Martyr). Before the match, Raven tells Kaz to rejoin his group, and all would be forgiven. Kaz gives the impression he accepts Raven’s offer, but then turns against Raven. The match starts off with brawling on the outside. Serotonin work over Kaz on the outside, as Raven distracted the referee in the ring.On the outside, Raven hits Kaz with a kendo stick. Wouldn’t that be a DQ? Despite the inference, Kaz pins Raven at 5:37.

– Backstage, JB tried to tell Kurt Angle what he saw in Samoa Joe’s locker room. JB tells Angle that Karen brought a date to the event. Kurt says its menopause. Kurt tells JB that Karen doesn’t drink, but he says he saw her drink. Angle asks where she is, and JB tells him in Samoa Joe’s locker room. Angle blames it on Samoa Joe and walks away.

– They aired a video highlight package of the Rhino/James Storm feud.

(3) Bar Room Brawl: James Storm (with Jackie Moore) vs. Rhino. They have a small bar set up outside the ring, with a dummy sitting at the "bar." Storm came out and pour beer all over the dummy to mock Rhino. The match starts with the two brawling into the crowd. This is an anything goes match. Tenay said for a change, Rhino didn’t arrive early to the arena and hadn’t arrived when the Hard Justice PPV started. The bar reads "Storm’s bar and grill." At the bar, Rhino opened a beer and drank it. Tenay said Rhino "fell off the wagon." He sucked down more "beer" during the match, and sprayed "beer" at Jackie. Rhino back body dropped Storm on the outside, that crashed down "the bar." Rhino shoved Storm’s head into a toilet which was set up on the arena floor. Rhino grabbed a ladder, and brought it into the ring. Announcers played up that Rhino, in is "condition," shouldn’t be operating heavy equipment. Rhino brought in a trash can and a chair. Rhino fell from the ring, onto the ladder on the outside. Rhino missed a gore attempt through a table. Storm went for the pin, but Rhino kicked out at two. Storm hit Rhino with a chair. Storm hit a super kick. Storm wins after hitting a beer bottle on the back of Rhino’s head at 13:03.

– They have a new blonde female interviewer named Kristal. Ron Killings comes in and cuts a promo on Adam "Pacman" Jones. He isn’t pleased about Jones coming into TNA.

– Back in the arena, they are cleaning up the ring after the bar room brawl. Tenay and West talk at ringside as time filler.

(4) VKM (with Roxxi) vs. LAX. LAX came out and pointed a finger at Hector Guerrero at the Spanish announcer table.Fans chant "LAX, LAX" as the match starts. Earl Hebner is back as the referee for this one. Kip James has new baby blue ring attire. Kip pinned Homicide at 4:56 when Roxxi threw powder into Homicide’s eyes. Hector comes out and tells Hebner what happened. The referee restarts the match, and Homicide pins Kip James about 10 seconds later. LAX question Guerrero’s intentions after the match.

– Highlight package of the Roode vs. Young program is shown.

(5) Humalition match: Robert Roode (with Miss Brooks) vs. Eric Young. On the outside, they show four guys were police shirts. They say extra security has been brought in since you never know what Pacman Jones is going to do. On the outside, Miss Brooks tells Young that she hates him. Young had Roode beat, but Brooks had the referee distracted. Brooks tried to give Roode brass knux, but was unsuccessful. Low blow by Roode, and then hits a brass knux punch (thanks to Traci). Roode wins at 9:26. Gail Kim runs out to prevent Young from being tarred and feathered, but Traci and Roode double team until Roode accidently punches Traci. Young got up and kicked Roode between the legs. Young and Kim then tarred and feathered Miss Brooks.

– They showed the Black Reign promo.
– Backstage, Kristal interviwed Chris Harris. Harris said Dustin lost his spot in TNA all by himself. Harris said it doesn’t matter what he calls himself, and refers to him as a "has been."

(6) Chris Harris vs. Black Reign (Dustin Rhodes). Dustin is now black and white dust. Rhodes came out in a black outfit with white stripes and his face is pained black and white ala Goldust. Black Reign came out from behind to start the match. Harris was busted open as Dustin worked over him on the outside. Referee Rudy Charles tried to stop Dustin’s assualt on the outside, but Black Reign pushed him away. Man handling a referee is not a DQ? A second referee comes out. This is a much darker character for Dustin. Earl Hebner came out, and when he couldn’t control Black Reign, he disqualifies him at 4:40. This doesn’t stop Black Reign. The bell rings over and over, as Black Reign handcuffs Harris in the corner. In comes security, but Dustin tosses them out one by one. Send out the police that is there for Pacman Jones! Black Reign climbs the ropes and hits Harris with a black spike. Lethal, Dutt and Kaz run out to help Harris, as Reign finally decides to leave.

– They showed video highlights of the Team 3D-Steiner Brothers feud.

– Backstage, Kristal interviews the Steiner brothers. Suwama (from All Japan Pro Wrestling) is with the Steiners tonight. In another locker room, JB interviewed Team 3D. Brother Ray said tonight Scott Steiner is going to return to the ER.

(7) The Steiner Brothers vs. Team 3D. On their way to the ring, Brother Ray tore up a Steiner Brothers sign. Fans chanted "over rated" at Team 3D. Earl Hebner is the referee. Team 3D worked over Scott Steiner’s 14 inch scare. Scott did a belly to belly from one corner on Brother Devon. Frankensteiner by Scott on Brother Devon. Fans chanted "same old sh**" when Devon went to the top rope to try his diving headbutt. The Steiners win at 11:01.

– In the ring, Mike Tenay talked about all the media attention for the Pacman Jones story. He introduces Pacman Jones. His theme songs says "he’s bad." Jones refused to shake hands with Pacman Jones. Jones said he came to TNA because he is a trend setter, and he’s a trend setter. Jones said his goal is to show he is the best team player. Out comes, Ron Killings. Killings welcomes Pacman to the "snake pit." Killings said pro wrestling is about individuals, not about team players. Killings tells Jones that no one has his back or his front. "The Truth" said his contract doesn’t allow him to be touched. Fans chanted "he’s a b*tch" at Jones. Killings said we don’t have to worry about Pacman beating anyone up. Killings tells Pacman he better watch his back no matter where he is. Pacman says he doesn’t talk to talk, he walks the walks. As Killings came to the ring to get Pacman, the "police" grab Killings and escort him away.

– Backstage, Kristal interviews team Christian. He said tonight, no blood is going to fall from his head. After Cage walks out, AJ says tonight he is bleeding. AJ has band aids, but Tomko tells AJ that band aids don’t prevent you from bleeding, just stops you from bleeding.

– Backstage, they show a laid out Pacman Jones as security attending to him. He has a cut over his right eye.

(8) Doomsday chamber of blood cage match: Christian Cage, AJ Styles and Tomko vs. Abyss, Andrew Martin and Sting. Abyss came out first for his team, and the heels attack him. "The Punisher" comes out next to help his partner. Its a cage match, with barbed wire around the top of the cage. As AJ and Abyss brawl in the ring, Tomko is busted open by a Sting chair shoot. Remember, you must be bleeding to be pinned, and the winner becomes the #1 contender for the TNA title. During the match, they show Adam Pacman on a stretcher with a neck brace being taken out in an ambulance. The heels lock out Sting, allowing a 3 on 2 beat down. Cage pulls out a piece of glass from Abyss’s bag, busting open Abyss. Sting uses a wire cutter to clear out barbed wire in one corner so that he can get into the steel cage. Sting comes in and does a stinger splash. Cage pours out the broken glass in the center of the ring. Christian tries to escape the cage, and is successful. Black hole slam by Abyss on Styles, and Abyss scores the win at 10:10. I guess Cage didn’t want a title shot.

– They recapped the current Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle feud.

– Samoa Joe is interviewed by Kristal. Joe said Angle has already lost his wife and daughter, and tonight he’ll take his TNA and IWGP titles.

(9) Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle: Winner Takes All. Before the match, Tenay does the tale of the tape. Joe came out to his typical Samoan PPV ring ceremony introduction. Angle is still acting "shaken up" about the Karen storyline tonight. They show the empty chairs for Karen and her guest. During the match, Karen comes out with her new man. They sit ring side drinking champagne. As a result of the doomsday chamber match, the winner of this match must defend the TNA title against Abyss at the September No Surrender PPV. Joe pulled down Angle’s trunks, exposing his butt. Karen and her boyfriend laugh. Angle conforts his wife, but she throws champagne into Kurt’s face. German suplex by Angle allows the TNA champion to gain the upper hand in the match. Fans chant "lets go Angle, lets go Joe." Joe broke up Angle’s string of German suplexes. Ankle lock by Angle, but Joe counters. Rear naked choke, but Angle counters. Olympic Slam by Angle, but Joe kicked out. Angle misses a moonsault. Muscle Buster by Joe, but Angle kicked out! Rear naked choke in the middle of the ring, but Angle bits Joe and places Joe in the ankle lock. Joe counters again, but Angle made it to the ropes. Fans chanted "this is awesome." Referee bump. Rear naked choke, but the referee is out. Low blow by Angle. Karen gets up and brings a chair. Joe goes for the chair, but she pulled it away and gives it to her husband. Angle hits Joe with the chair and pins Joe at 18:31. Angle holds up all five belts, and Kurt celebrates with his wife and "her boyfriend." Tenay says next month, its Angle vs. Abyss.