CBlog XV- SummerSlam, Steroids, & Suspensions

Wow, all that’s been going on this week makes me regret not posting a blog last weekend. In any case, on to the business at hand. First off, SummerSlam- Due to the frustration of attempting to watch it for free online and getting very poor quality for the third PPV in a row (give or take), I ended up spending the $40 on SummerSlam. It was an okay pay-per-view, but I was disappointed in the outcomes of some of the matches.
Triple H and Rey Mysterio’s returns could’ve been done better, I think. I was also dead set on seeing Orton as WWE Champion. Hopefully at Unforgiven, even though he maybe in hot water again…
On to the part of the blog that is in regards to “steroids and suspensions”. For those who haven’t heard, WWE suspended 10 unknown superstars yesterday due to Wellness Policy violations, however, a list of rumored superstars that were or are going to be suspended was released via other wrestling sites and Sports Illustrated. Here’s my thoughts on each of the accused:

Randy Orton

Like I mentioned above, I see Orton getting the WWE Title at Unforgiven, but with his name being brought up in this scandal, Orton may not even be on the active roster come Unforgiven. If my memory serves me correctly, this will be Orton’s second Wellness Policy violation, meaning that he would be suspended for 60 days. Not good news for Orton fans like myself.

John Morrison

I think it would be ignorant to not assume Morrison is on steroids, but I am still a Morrison fan, nonetheless. This sets an interesting situation as Morrison is the reigning ECW Champion. This makes me wonder if WWE will pull a “Van Dam” and have Morrison drop the title before being suspended.


I just don’t see Umaga being on steroids, legitimately. This also sets an interesting situation, as Umaga is the Intercontinental Champion.


Of course Batista could be on steroids. This is actually one of the few possible names that I am glad to hear news of. I don’t like Batista (the character or the individual). So him being suspended or even released wouldn’t bother me.

Gregory Helms

First off, why whenever Helms name is mentioned in some sort of scandal or whatnot, they always say his real name is Shane Helms and his gimmick name is Gregory Helms? It’s the other way around. Anyways, Helms has always looked to be on them to me.

Simon Dean

Maybe while he was still wrestling, but I am doubtful he uses them currently.

Charlie Haas

Definitely fits the profile, that’s for sure.

Chavo Guerrero

He looks it.


I honestly don’t think he’s using them currently, but I do think he may have used them while rehabbing his neck injury. I remember how jacked he looked when he came back.


As far as Funaki goes, where is the pressure to look good if you’ve barely got a job as it is?

Mr. Kennedy

I don’t believe he uses them currently. Much like Orton, this one is a shame for Kennedy fans.

William Regal

Definitely not a current user.

Chris Masters

This is his second offense. He looked to be off of them when he returned from his first suspension, but now he looks jacked up again.

King Booker

I don’t really doubt that Bookah is using.

Santino Marella

I believe it.

I think it’s interesting to note that neither John Cena or Bobby Lashley’s names are on the list. Granted, this is just from a pharmacy in Orlando. Then again, Cena lives in Tampa or Miami.

I think that the names will become obvious well before November 1. Come 11/1, it will probably be more of a confirmation of sorts. All we got to do is watch WWE programming and see if any big names are MIA for a few weeks.

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Morrison Dropped the strap on the most recent TV tapping to Punk so I guess he’s about to be suspended which is a shame because he was just starting to get a bit of momentum.

I personally could care less is wrestlers are on gear and if all the suite and ties at the WWE were being honest they couldn’t careless either but obviously thy cant have the media and the general public thinking they prohibit steroid use.

As long as they take care and use some common sense I have no problem with guys using gear. It’s not like you just pop a pill and you’ve got 20 inch biceps, you still have to train just as hard at the gym and hey there’s side effects to taking any drugs.

If they release batista though I wont be sheading any teers. Why he does the ultimate warrior shaking the ropes thingy is beyond me.

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