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WWE: More suspensions coming?

In an interview on On the Record with Greta Van Susteren earlier today, WWE attorney Jerry McDevitt said that two more wrestlers may be suspended tomorrow. He said they have to talk with the talents to confirm information first before making a decision. McDevitt aso added that WWE independently confirmed all information it received from the DA before suspending the ten wrestlers earlier today. According to McDevitt, the ten suspensions are without pay and will last for either thirty or sixty days (depending on whether it was a first or second offense). Regarding why WWE aren’t revealing names today of those suspended, McDevitt said, "It’s a fair notice issue to us." Although he also noted that talent has been told that they will be publicly identified in the future should they violate the policy. "We do that in the belief that it will give greater transparency to the program and hopefully operate as a deterent to anybody who wishes to engage in this activity," McDevitt said. Furthermore, McDevitt said that it’s not just a WWE problem. He said Signature Pharmacy was sending drugs to policemen, firemen, and pro athletes. He said that he heard that the NFL will be releasing names of players linked to the scandal in a few days.