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WWE: Where has Snitsky been?

It’s interesting to note that Snitsky hasn’t appeared on a WWE show since the last Raw show before the Signature Pharmacy scandal story broke out. His last appearance in a WWE ring was on August 27 in the main event of Heat in a squash match over Super Crazy. He also did a backstage promo later in the night on Raw where he said that "pain is his pleasure." Up until the scandal story broke out, Snitsky was regularly appearing on television (usually on Heat though) and Raw brand house shows. He hasn’t appeared on any shows since then. He didn’t even appear at ringside last week on Raw for Vince McMahon’s announcement regarding his illegitimate son.

The Raw brand was hit the hardest by the suspensions as five of the eleven suspensions were Raw wrestlers and many of them were involved in major storylines no less.

The SmackDown! brand also had five suspensions, but two of them are out with injuries and another wrestler, Funaki, hardly appears on television anyway. What with the depletion of the Raw roster, it seems highly peculiar that a wrestler in the midst of a push is suddenly off television as well.

It should be noted that Snitsky’s name didn’t come up in a single media report regarding the Signature Pharmacy drug scandal, so this could all just be a mere coincidence and the creative team just doesn’t have anything for him at this time, but this is definitely something worth pondering about.