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ST: Time to get the attitude right

You know, when I came back from Spain, a few things dawned on me.
The first being how stuck up our own arses we Brits are. Bear with me on this, I am going somewhere with this.
You see, as a nation we have always had pride in our acheivements, we beat the Germans in the war, they built superior cars to us, but at least we beat them in Munich all those years ago.
We make people famous, only to turn on them and knock them down a peg or two.
We are the violent scum of Europe, yet we always look down upon our neighbours across the channel.
We as English are a sorry state, we think we are so much better than everyone else when in fact we are no better than pigs vying for scraps.
We’re still stuck in a class system that makes us envy those that have more than us and detest those who want what we have. We call ourselves a society when in fact we are spoilt little children crying out for what we want.
And it is the pure reason why British wrestling will never get off the ground, take a look at American audiences, they can suspend belief, they can genuinely support someone without turning on them when “they get a bit too big for their boots”. We Brits see suspicion and backstabbing as a social norm.
Wrestling promotions will think they are better than other wrestling promotions, there is never anything good to be said about anything but what they know.
This is why we are doomed, we refuse to have fun because we think we are better than everyone else. I’ll point a little known fact out, that there are very, very few wrestlers out there that should be wrestling. Tv blinds people to poor technique, wrong manouevers and plain shit apery.
let’s face it, half the British roster couldn’t wrestle its way out of a paper bag, but they spend hald of their time wrestling and poisoning people’s view of British wrestlers.
They are the first to talk about egos, they demand wages above their skill and they are deluded about their abilities.
It’s a class system,they will look down on you and attack everything else because they want to be famous.
Ah yes, the celebrity status, the REAL reason why there are so many wrestlers in Britain. How many slut themselves out for a bit of exposure? How many of them have bothered to be in the wrestling gym honing their skills? How can they when they are chasing the limelight?
You know who you are, so read this… quit wrestling shitape, you don’t deserve to step into a ring. You know you know nothing about wrestling, so stop trying to bullshit your way through a roster.
Maybe then we can do something with this scene.

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The attitude is a definate problem. Why should the public, on a family evening out, pay good money to watch some factory worker, whose attire is made up of 2nd hand wrestling boots off ebay and random (dirty) sports gear, and who hasn’t seen the inside of a gym…ever.
We need all of the people who are wrestlers purely so they can say to people “I’m a professional wrestler” to quietly fade away from the scene and the ones who are left to take a long hard look at themselves.
The likes of Vader, Big Daddy V, Earthquake, Yokozuna (to name but a few) are allowed to have “man boobs” (or “moobs”) because they were all absolute monsters. When your 6’4″ and over 35 stone you don’t need huge muscles to make an impression. However walk into half the shows in the UK and you’ll find a wide variety of man boobs on wrestlers who are, like, 5’7″ and 14 stone.
The only impression that makes on me is that this is a show i won’t be coming back to. Vader could (maybe still can?) moonsault off the top rope- the UK fat wrestler could barely catch his breath let alone get up on to the top rope.
A budding footballer that dreams of playing in the premier league one day trains to improve his skills, eats well and excercises almost every day.
If the UK is to ever be more than just somewhere that the US big 2 stop off for a few shows to fill their bank accounts on their way into Europe then we need a far better attitude from our performers.
If they want to be “professional wrestlers” then they simply need to be far more professional. A wrestler who has trained regularly, worked out, eaten well and invested well in his ring attire and has matched their own personality to their character is 95% of the time going to make a better impression than the wrestler whose belly protudes under his athletics vest and hangs over his rugby shorts.

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