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TNA: Another Update on Kurt Angle’s DUI

The following is from Mike Johnson of

TNA champion Kurt Angle’s DUI arrest this past Friday was picked up by other media outlets in the Pittsburgh area and by paparazzi website overnight. It’s a pretty major story in Pittsburgh, where Angle is obviously well known for his Olympic and professional wrestling exploits.

According to local media reports, a white Cadillac Escalade nearly struck a woman’s car as it drove out of the parking lot for "The Sea Shell" a restaurant in Moon Township, PA around 1 PM. The woman, who was not identified, claimed she needed to stop short in order to prevent her car from being hit by the Escalade, which then crossed the yellow median, allegedly almost hitting a traffic sign as well.

The woman wrote down the license plate of the car and called authorities, who tracked it to Kurt Angle’s home. Angle’s car and his physical description matched the report phoned into the police.

After Angle was unable to pass several field sobriety tests, he was placed under arrest. Additionally, when authorities arrived at Angle’s home to interview him, Chief Leo McCarthy told Pittsburgh CBS affiliate KDKA that Angle, who was described as having "liquor on his breath" had "pills in his mouth when officers were interviewing him. Anti-inflammatory meds."

After being taken into custody, Angle was taken to Sewickley Valley Hospital for blood tests which he refused. That refusal will result in an automatic one year suspension of his driver’s license. Angle will be facing charges of driving under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance and careless driving.

As you probably could have surmised, Angle’s scheduled appearance on the Florida-based "Between the Ropes" radio show last night was canceled. TNA’s Ross Forman had promoted the appearance just hours before news of the arrest became public at the end of a media conference call with TNA President Dixie Carter, which leads me to believe TNA may not have been aware of the arrest at that point.

With the timing of their two hour iMPACT! expansion tonight and the biggest PPV of their calendar year, Bound for Glory just a few weeks away, one would assume the company cannot be happy.