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WWE SmackDown! October 5, 2007 Results

Match Results

  • Chuck Palumbo def. Ace Steele by pin f/ Full Throttle.
  • Jamie Noble def. Jimmy Wang Yang by pin f/ the modified gutbuster.
  • Push-Up Contest: MVP def. Matt Hardy
  • WWE Tag Team Championship: MVP & Matt Hardy (c) def. Deuce N’ Domino by Matt Hardy pinning Domino f/ the Twist of Fate.
  • Kane def. Kenny Dykstra by pin f/ the chokeslam.
  • Jesse & Festus (in their in-ring SmackDown! debut) def. 2 Jobbers by Festus pinning a jobber f/ a modified gutbuster.
  • Rey Mysterio def. The Great Khali by DQ when Finlay interferes.

Match Quality: Best To Worst

  1. MVP & Matt Hardy Vs. Deuce N’ Domino
  2. Kane Vs. Kenny Dykstra
  3. Jesse & Festus Vs. Two Jobbers
  4. Push-Up Contest: MVP Vs. Matt Hardy
  5. Jamie Noble Vs. Jimmy Wang Yang
  6. Chuck Palumbo Vs. Ace Steele
  7. The Great Khali Vs. Rey Mysterio


To be quite blunt, I just though SmackDown! sucked this week all together. It usually sucks, but it somehow seemed worse this week. Why can’t WWE put on a decent show? They got the talent and everything they need, they just keep turning out crap. Anyways, a match that should be good was made this week for next week (not No Mercy like the spoilers reported) pitting MVP & Matt Hardy against Kane & Undertaker in a Non-Title Match. Also, it’s been reported that Lilian Garcia will perform on the show.