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WWE: More on Chris Masters’ Injury

Additional Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

There was an incident involving Undertaker and Chris Masters during a Taker & Kane vs. Finlay & Masters match last week at a house show in Scotland.

It all started when Taker started working over Masters’ arm early in the match. Masters tagged out and just stood there on the apron without selling the pain. On the other side of the ring, Taker was gesturing to Masters as if to say, "Sell your arm, dumbass." Masters still wasn’t doing anything, and then Taker actually yelled it across the ring. Masters sold a bit and then apparently forgot again.

Masters was tagged back into the match, and apparently Undertaker roughed him up, blooding and perhaps breaking his nose. Masters then started having trouble breathing and got completely blown up. He finally rolled out of the ring and sold like he’d hurt his arm legit. As it turns out, Masters actually dislocated his elbow at some point.

Some guys came out and took Masters to the back. Finlay finished the rest of the match alone. That was the last time Masters wrestled on the tour. Also, a photo of Masters wearing a sling on his arm turned up online, so his injury was serious