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PTW: "Hardcore Halloween" Results

First of all, PTW wishes to apologise sincerely to anyone who was unfortunate enough, on Saturday, to witness our MySpace account being hacked, with foul and abusive language used and various levels of immaturity used. We know who are responsible for it, and we refuse to give them the attention they so desperately crave by mentioning their name. All we want to do, is apologise to anyone offended by the actions of what are clearly very childish people. Clearly, since a lot of the account’s contents were deleted, PTW’s MySpace page will be worked upon and updated within the near future; and will be properly functional again soon.

Here’s the results from Power Trip Wrestling “Hardcore Halloween”, and keep reading after for the big news announced on the night about PTW’s first show…OUTSIDE of Luton!!! And what more can we say, than what a crazy wild night….certainly the loudest in PTW’s history so far, and that’s saying something!

PTW – “Hardcore Halloween” Results and Round-Up

PTW Owner Peter Staniforth came out to a loud reception, welcomed the fans, and was generally dealing with the business at hand; as Mikey the Pikey (formerly known as MTX), came to the ring and asked why he wasn’t in the title tournament. Peter was in a jovial mood, and told Mikey that he’d let him into the tournament, if he at least had the decency to take off ‘that thing’. That thing, in what must have been a wardrobe malfunction or Mikey’s sense of humour; was a 1PW t-shirt!!!

PTW Heavyweight Title Tournament 1st round :

Gangster defeated Mikey The Pikey, &  Danny Stevens w/ Dan Edge to progress to the semi finals.

Sykes defeated Lucian to progress to the semi finals.

Simon Lazenby defeated Rich N’ Famous by disqualification, but was physically unable to continue in the tournament due to the actions of Rich N’ Famous.

Johnny Kidd defeated Shabazz to progress to the final, due to the bye situation from the prior match. Shabazz then acknowledged Johnny’s win respectfully, and added that if Johnny went on to win the title; then he challenged Johnny to the first title defence.

PTW Hardcore Title – ‘Last Man Standing In Luton’ – PTW Owner Peter Staniforth at ringside – Four Way Match :

Jim Brooks (c) retained against Frantastic, American All-Star, and Leon X – via a no contest decision. This was just plain out havoc, nothing more or less; with even an appearance from Catastrophe the Clown, who proceeded to put a pie in the face of everyone in the match; even PTW Owner Peter Staniforth! Brooks’s head hit the concrete after an over the top rope move, and that was enough for Peter to call time on the match for the safety of all concerned; in what was the hardest hitting and wildest match that PTW has ever seen.

Fatal Four Way Tag Team Match :

Beer Fuelled Violence (Bill Duffy & ArkAngel) defeated 3Some (PTW Cruiserweight Champion) Dan Ryder & Danny Devine,  Youth Gone Wild (Will Davison & Ant Lacayo), and G ‘The Ghetto Superstar’ & Geraden. A great match, with innovative and high flying action; and what fans are calling the match of the night.

PTW Heavyweight Title Tournament Semi Finals :

Gangster defeated Sykes to progress to the final.   Johnny Kidd had a bye to the final.

PTW Heavyweight Title Tournament Final :

In the match to decide who would be the first ever PTW Heavyweight Champion, and in a shock to all in attendance ; Gangster beat Johnny Kidd to win the championship. Gangster would then take the microphone in an appalling lack of respect to Kidd, and call him ‘washed up’; and other insults. Sykes then came out, and surprisingly helped Gangster attack Kidd. PTW Owner Peter Staniforth begrudgingly handed Gangster the PTW Title, but managed to get some kind of revenge on Gangster by announcing – much to the fans approval – that Shabazz would be Gangster’s first challenger on Saturday December 1st, when PTW return to Luton once more!


PTW’s next show is entitled ‘Fearless’, and will be on Saturday 17th November, at Marriotts School, Telford Avenue, Stevenage, Herts, SG2 0AN. Doors will be 7pm open, and 7.30pm start. Ticket prices are the usual : Adults £8, Children/OAP/Student £5, and Family of four £20.   Announced as the main event for the evening, is Shabazz taking on American All-Star, under the rules of ‘Baseball Bat is Legal’. In American All-Star’s corner will be his valet Miss Vicky, and in Shabazz’s corner? The boss himself, no less than PTW Owner Peter Staniforth.   More matches will be announced in the days leading up to the show, which will be PTW’s first show outside of Luton – and not one you want to miss!


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