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WWE: Chris Masters Talks About His Release

Chris Mordetzky (formerly Chris Masters) was a guest on the November 15th edition of The Shoot. He came on after JJ Dillon at about 30 mins into the show. He was welcomed by Hosts Gary Cantrell and Justin Bailey and they jumped right into his suspension turned to release. He confirmed being one of the 12 wrestlers suspended from the Signature Pharmacy scandal. Said that he spent the 30 days getting healthier and ready to come back to action. He said when he came back, he was tested again 3 other times in a matter of a week and a half. One out of the 3 he tested positive for a substance not allowed with the Wellness Policy, he said he was very surprised by this. He got the call from John Laurinatis saying that he was gone for 60 days. Chris brought up the CNN special and how a lot of heat was being placed on Vince. He said he had a strange feeling he might get another call and be released. He stated that the very next day he got a call from Laurinatis stating that he was being released from WWE.

About 9 minutes into the interview, Justin asks Chris if he thinks Vince should take any responsibility at all for anything. Chris begins to reply that he doesn’t think Vince should be completely on the hot seat meanwhile his cell phone begins to ring and to everyone’s surprise its WWE Champion Randy Orton. "RANDY ORTON" he says in an enthusiastic voice. "Dude, i’m doing an interview for The Shoot right now" He then pauses to listen, followed by laughter. "Randy says hello and goddamn" They talk for a moment and Chris tells him he’ll call him back. Before the interview resumes he mentions that this is the first time that he’s spoken to Orton since his release. "I don’t think you can put the complete blame on anybody. We all make our decisions, there’s alot of stuff that i regret and i can look back on and i made some mistakes." He goes on to say that you really have to live the life they live to truly understand what they go through.