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TNA: Kevin Nash And Samoa Joe Confrontation After Turning Point

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Management told Samoa Joe to go the ring last night to cut a promo on Scott Hall to take the heat off of the company for a major star no-showing a pay-per-view. They wanted him to put over the guys on the roster and then to introduce Eric Young as his replacement partner. Joe’s promo went about five minutes longer than originally planned not to mention that it incorporated a lot more content, especially aimed at Kevin Nash, than was planned.

During the promo, Joe leaned over the top rope and asked someone off camera if they were mad at him. Apparently, he looked over at TNA President Dixie Carter — who was sitting in the audience — shrugged and said, "Go ahead and fire me, I don’t care." As you can imagine, Carter was legitimately upset with him "going into business for himself" and taking so long with his promo. Furthermore, Kevin Nash was legitimately upset that Joe turned Scott Hall’s no-show into a rant against him for some reason.

Nash returned to the back right away after the match had concluded. He was waiting for Joe to show up so he could confront him about his comments. When Joe got backstage, Nash confronted him and a heated verbal exchange with some shoving ensued between the two. Joe soon backed down to prevent the situation from escalating.

Joe gave an emotional apology at today’s all-talent meeting as he felt he went overboard with his promo from the night before. He said he hoped his apology would be accepted.