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UK Scene #274

Welcome to the interactive UK Scene with your friendly neighbourhood Saz. Compiling all that is the UK scene again…

Welcome to the interactive UK Scene with your friendly neighbourhood Saz.

Compiling all that is the UK scene again and we start off with the sad news that Devilish Angel will be stepping down as News gatherer, which is a shame, as she did an excellent job and a lot of her hard work has gone into these UK Scenes.

I’ll publicly say that I am going to miss her.

If you have any suggestions don’t forget to email us here at the UK Scene!

What we do care about in all aspects of the UK Scene is your opinion, especially the paying punter, so if you have a say you are more than welcome to express it, whether it is a popular opinion or not.

> UK News

Apart from DA’s departure, let’s take a looksee is anything is going down around the scene.

New promotion for the Midlands

The UK Scene forum was hit with the amazing news that yet another promotion is starting up in the Midlands. QBW have made the following announcement:

“Hi we are Quailty British Wrestling and we are here to change the face of UK wrestling forever! Shows will begin in Apr 2008 so please add us to mysapce forward on to your friends as we are going to take you places you have never been.

Website site will be up and running Jan 2008 with dates and who will be on the shows so keep a look out on myspace for all the latest info”

So look out for QBW, who will be joining AWE, AWW, BRAWL, FCW, KSW, LPW, LWL, MPWA, NBW, SLAM, SCWA, TBW and WAR (apologies if I missed anyone out, get better advertising!) in the Midlands.

Hull is Hit by Pro Wrestling!

KPW have announced their first show to star none other than El Ligero. Kanjipro Wrestling is run by an 18 year old guy called Callum and will be hitting Hull University on 19th January. KPW will also include stars such as The Natural Superstars, Matt Myers, Lethal Dose, “The Ideal Image” Scott Hunter & Rob Cage, Nero, Wyld Stallyns, Christopher L Navier, Geradin, Scott Adams, Alex Anderson, Adam James Bullivant and James Dean Monroe.

Most promising newcomer from Top 50 announced

As some of you may know, TWO has a top 50 wrestlers list compiled every May and the year’s most voted for get the honour of being mentioned. The tradition tends to be though that some wrestlers come and go every year depending on their activity as wrestlers and the poll was set up to see which of some of these newcomers to the top 50 list has the most promise (and most likely to be in the next year’s list).

Joseph Hayes 20.00 % (39)
El ligero 18.97 % (37)
Kid Flash 18.46 % (36)
Tommy Gunn 13.85 % (27)
Luke Phoenix 8.21 % (16)
Gang* 6.67 % (13)
Saul Adams 5.13 % (10)
Kade Callous 4.10 % (8)
Ashton Smith 2.56 % (5)
Jay Icon 2.05 % (4)

Joseph (Joey Hayes) I will confess to having not seen Hayes in action, but he has had some good mentions throughout, his main at-a-glance attribute is his physique and I am assured that his wrestling skills make him worthy of the number 1 spot.

Ligero I do know and bump into him occasionally on my travels, I think that his time with 1PW has served him well and he has done a lot of work with his physique as well.

Kid Flash is a bit of a surprise, not as much of a journeyman as the rest of the list, he has been sticking to the Midlands areas and working for promotions such as AWE, KSW and SLAM. He does pack out some great flying moves and his recent image change will also serve him well.

I’m glad Tommy Gunn has got a decent mention as he is a very nice guy, good physique, great moves and always popular with the audience.

Loads of people like Luke Phoenix, I’ve had a few people including Steve Logan asking me how he was doing. Though I admit to not following his career closely, I do know that he has garnered a lot of respect for his in ring ability. Though currently, I hear, he is taking a year out of wrestling.

I haven’t seen Gang* for a while now, but I hear that he has been developing into a fine wrestler. As he is second generation wrestler, he will have grown up with wrestling knowledge and as he matures I am sure he will put it to good use.

Saul Adams has a physique to die for, the man is huge, he is also very good at crowd play as well and it doesn’t take him long to get the audience booing. Thoroughly nice guy though, I took some advice from him which lead to the 9 1/2 stone weight loss incident, so I might be a bit biased towards him, but with his physique, I am sure that it won’t be long before someone comes knocking with a development contract.

Kade Callous is another big wrestler and another I would assume would be looked at by developmental coaches. He has dominated LWL and has worked for LDN on TV tapings as he is very impressive. The thing I know about him is that he genuinely enjoys himself in the ring and you can see it in his performances.

Ashton Smith I will confess to knowing nothing about the guy, but as the way of wrestling, I am sure I will bump into him at some point along the way. From what I have been told, he is a great all rounder.

Jay Icon is someone who I haven’t seen for a while but he is a lad who is eager to learn about wrestling, his actions in the ring has earned him the respect of a section of fans, however, he has seemed to stay out of the spotlight recently.

I’m looking forward to next year’s Top 50, to see how well these guys have done!

Stixx quits NBW

Stixx posted the following on the NBW forum, which has been released publicly by NBW.

“I am writing to tell you all, the wrestlers and trainees that I am no longer a part of NBW. I do not book the shows, I do not run the wrestling school and I probably will not work the shows from now on.

I want it to be clear that this is not a decision just based on the latest happenings but basically 2 years of lies, shows being cancelled, the ring never being at training, having to advertise the shows ourselves, politics etc. The list goes on and on.

I’d like to thank all the wrestlers for all their hard work on the shows, all the fans that followed or attended them, all the trainees who worked harder than anyone, even when they didnt have to and anyone who helped out at the shows. I’d even like to thank Gerry for the opportunity, but after 2 years I’ve had enough. The disrespect that I’ve been shown recently after all the hard work I’ve put in just tops it off.

The wrestling school however will continue, but not under NBW. SLAM wrestling will now run the school with me as the head trainer, so nothing really changes there. Everything will be the same, from the venue, to the price, to the times.

The added bonus’s are the ring (18ft by 18ft) will be there every 4-6 weeks depending on if its free and when it comes to shows, we will not have to lift a finger.

Chris Peacock the owner of SLAM is giving me his full support and promises that everyone will be taken care of when it comes to shows and match opportunities.

SLAM itself is currently the Midlands most wide ranging company having 5 venues in Tamworth, Corby, Melton Mowbray, Birmingham and Cheshum, with another 5 coming very soon.

Myself, Stephanie [Scope], Paul Malen and Killer Instinct all work there already, along with the cream of this country in Johnny Storm, Ross Jordan, El Ligero and soon James Tighe, Andy Simmons, Eamon O’neil and more.

I see this as a positive thing, but obviously I’m gonna have people that disagree. I want to make it clear that if you wish to attend my school and keep working for NBW/GNP/FJW then thats fine, in fact I encourage it as work is all work, but I’ve just had enough of the crap and my generous nature being taken advantage of.

I’ve enjoyed my stay and worked extremely hard over the past 2 years and I hope people will still come to the school and continue to chase their dream just like I did.

Yours truly,


I’ve worked alongside Stixx at SLAM and he has always struck me as a genuine guy who always takes time out to talk to the locker room. I am sure that this was a hard decision to make for him and I wish him luck in his endeavours.

Let’s put it this way, the UK Scene is riddled with arguments over things and usually this creates a split with people taking sides and usually another promotions springs up. The wrestler side of things is full of rumours and what so and so did to whatshisface. So it shows a little integrity to stand up, state your case and then advise people that it is their decision only and that no one should follow with a misguided sense of loyalty (a potentially career harming decision).

That for all of those who think they know about wrestling is the mark of a true professional wrestler, not 150 flips.

Wrestler to open wrestling mecca

I’m sure a few of you have heard about Majik, anyhoo, the popular wrestler has decided to open a shop and in doing so help support the UK wrestling community. Take a look at this extract from his myspace blog:

“As a wrestling fan as well as a wrestler, it frustrates me that there is nowehere I can go to indulge my addiction. No single place of solitude where us wrestling geeks can call home. A mecca to the squared circle, if you will.

So I’m opening one.

In just a few weeks, opening in Coventry City Centre, will be Ringside Live. Ringside Live isn’t just a retail store – it’s a concept and an experience. Aside from providing a HUGE selection of wrestling figures, belts, accessories, DVDs, CDs, clothing and anything else that serves Wrestle-ism (see what I did there?) we will also be providing some unique experiences for us fans.

Genuine autographed gear from all the big names will be available, wrestling matches will be shown on the Ringside screen during opening, and star appearances in store from worldwide wrestling stars! We’ll be spreading our wings form the start – WWE not your only thing? How about TNA? Sure. ROH? Yep. Chikara? On it’s way. More and more promotions will be stocked as the weeks roll by.

How exciting is that? Oh wait, there’s more!

We’re stocking British Wrestling! Good god! Yes, you will be able to purchase 1PW DVDs, T-shirts, posters and more, how about the entire RQW catalogue? Yes sir! RQW t-shirts? All covered! Lots of English fans complaining about not getting their shot of SWA in Scotland? Yep – that’s in store too. Why not buy a t-shirt featuring your favourite British Wrestling star? No excuse any more. We’re about to launch into negotiations with many other promotions to add to our stock list.

Good grief, how great is this? Surely there can’t be more? Foolish….

How about genuine Mexican produced Lucha Libre masks? We’ve got a great selection from Pierrot to Rey Mysterio to Mil Mascaras, and Ultimo Dragon as it’s the most beautiful mask I’ve ever seen.

Breathless yet? There’s more to come.

Wrestling gear! It’s so frustrating, as a wrestler myself, to have to search online to find a wrestling gear maker, trawl through the process of getting things sorted, wait for anything up to a year for them to arrive, pay through the nose for shipping and the actual product, and things never look like you see them on your screen, do they? So Ringside Live will be keeping IN STOCK, and available to peruse, a wide selection of wrestling gear. Tights, trunks, biker style, baggies, and hoodies are in stock from the start, and our range will be expending to kickpads and boots as quickly as we can. Wrestling gear will also be able to be ordered and personalised, and with you in weeks, not months!

Unbelievable! What a selection, what a shop. What’s that? I missed something? Oh yes!

MMA!!!! How do UFC DVDs, T-shirts, hats and other merchandise grab you? Lets add some Pride to that for the hell of it. Chuck in the very latest Rockstar and ultra-cool-so-hot-and-new-it-should-be-burning American Fighter fight gear, and frankly I’m surprised we’re going to get it all into one shop.”

I can see this as a support for UK Wrestling and bring names to the forefront of the local community, which can only be a good thing! I hope Maj does really well with this idea, he has been wise enough to be diverse, good luck mate!

> Show dates


IPW – Christmas Cracker 2007

Sunday 16th December
The Orpington Halls in Orpington, Kent
Doors open at 5pm and bell time is 5.30pm.
Tickets are £20 Ringside, £12 General Admission (£6 Children) and £30 Family Ticket.


  • Mike Quackenbush vs. Paul Robinson
  • British National Championship: First Round Match: Doug Williams vs. Marty Scurll
  • British National Championship: First Round Match: Martin Stone vs. Stixx (w/ Dean Ayass)
  • IPW Championship: Andy Boy Simmonz (c) vs. Johnny Saint
  • Plus Rocky Romero, Karl Anderson, The Kartel, The Untouchables, Nikko Brixton, Sam Slam, Zebra Kid, Jon Ryan and much more.


HEW – The Christmas Spectacular Show

Saturday December 22nd
The Takeley Silver Jubilee Hall in Takeley, Bishops Stortford.
Tickets are £10 Adults and £8 Children (just HEW) or for both shows (WAWW & HEW) £18 Adults and £14 children.


  • Ricky Knight vs. Paul Tyrell
  • Jonny Storm vs. The Zebra Kid
  • Sykes vs. Bret “The Kraft” Meadows


AWW – The End of Year Finale

Thursday December 13th 2007
Irish club, 14-20 High Street, Deritend, Digbeth, B12 0LN

Doors open 7.30PM, show starts at 8PM.

Tickets £5.00, available on the door or any shops where it states ‘AWW tickets sold here’

  • AWW Championship Carnage vs Lee Hunter
  • Spud vs BBS vs Dan Ryder
  • Marcus Kool vs Danny Devine
  • Nick Knight and The Human Hate Machine Dave Moralez vs The Young Gunns (Tommy Gunn and Geraden)
  • Cam Kraze and El Ligero vs Dragon Aisu and Martin Kirby
  • Also in action Mad Dog Maxx, Desirable Danny.D, Derice Coffie, The Real Man’s Man Jules Lambrini and more.

All matches are deemed correct at time of submission, but are subject to change.

> Show Spotlights

AWW 13th December – Irish club, 14-20 High Street, Deritend, Digbeth
Carnage vs Lee Hunter

Carnage surprised us all by beating Spud at Aston Uni to retain the AWW Championship and Lee Hunter pulled out a cheeky win in the OTT Rumble to get the title shot by eliminating BBS. All signs would say Carnage would win this match but we all thought Spud would with the AWW Championship!

IPW 16th December – The Orpington Halls in Orpington, Kent
Mike Quackenbush vs. Paul Robinson

Back in March 2006 Paul Robinson faced possibly his hardest challenge yet, an international four corners match against his nemesis Ashley Reed and Delirious & Matt Sydal from Ring of Honor.

Since then, the arrogant young high-flyer has taken on many tough challenges in singles and in tag team competition such as the likes of Stixx, ‘The Specialist’ Mark Sloan and many more, but on December 16th IPW:UK give Robinson the biggest challenge of his career as he takes on the world renowned ‘Lightning’ Mike Quackenbush.

Quackenbush, currently the NWA World Jr. Heavyweight champion, is making his IPW:UK debut as he looks to establish himself as one of the top international names across England. He is a man who has held both the Lightweight and Heavyweight versions of the IWA and wXw titles, and a victory here against IPW:UK regular Robinson would earn a return booking in the UK. With such a lineage of great title victories, a golden strap in the UK could be just the credential Quackenbush would be looking to add!

If you want to place a match focus then email [] and we’ll add you.

> Training

If you are interested in becoming a professional wrestling, we are here for you on the Talk Wrestling Online Forums, with a comprehensive list of training schools throughout the UK and now with links to suppliers of wrestling gear too! See how good we are to you?

> And Finally…

We’re here to support UK Wrestling and UK wrestlers, so if you need help, give us a mail and we’ll be more than happy to help you out. Though me in a dress will cost you!

Take care,