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WWE: Sunny Speaks To About Her Life Since Her Departure

WWE’s website has posted a video on Tammy "Sunny" Sytch. It’s edited together to look like a video they’d air on television.

In the video Sunny talks about her return to WWE at the Raw 15th Anniversary show. She said it was "awesome." She said she was so nervous on the way to Raw that she was actually shaking in the car, but as soon as she arrived to Raw, she was cool again. She said it was great to meet a bunch of new people at Raw. A number of the new wrestlers went up to her and gave her a lot of respect. The video then shows exclusive footage of Sunny mingling with new & old stars backstage at the show.

The video then talks about Playboy. Sunny said she was the first Diva to be offered to do Playboy, but she was too immature & shy at the time and that it was something she was not ready to do, so she turned it down. She said a few years later she made a decision "to do a website" (in reference to the infamous Wrestling Vixxxens website), but she was not ashamed of it. When she looks back at the Playboy offer, she thinks it was something she maybe should have done at the time because it would have boosted her career, but at the time, she simply wasn’t ready.

The mood of the video then turns somber as it segues into the "dark days" of Sunny. She notes that some things beyond her control occurred. "Back in 2001 I got very sick. I had pancreatitis and that screws with your entire system. And then back in ’05 a certain someone passed away (in reference to longtime boyfriend Chris Candido), and uh, that screws with your system as well. And you know, I put on a couple pounds, I’m gonna admit it. I didn’t look like Sunny anymore and yeah, I kind of needed a break from the business all together." To depict the "dark days," the segment displays footage of her in WCW.

She said she wants "one last run before she packs it in for good." She said she watches WWE programming sometimes and she sees all these gorgeous girls out there who are doing what she should be doing. She said it "kind of gets under your skin." She said she should be right there with them. She said she was tired of being lazy and that she was going back to the gym so she could "look like me" again.

The video closes with her saying "I’m ready to go out there and do my thing and entertain the millions and millions of WWE fans. That’s all I want."