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WWE: Vince McMahon Surprises Radio Personalities Opie & Anthony

– Thanks BJ Eaglesfield:
This morning on the XM side of the show, Opie & Anthony’s producers gave O&A a Christmas gift by having Vince McMahon call into the show. Over the past year Anthony has been doing his Vince impersonation which Vince seems to enjoy. It was a pretty fun/short phone interview. Vince plugged the Tribute for the Troops show this Monday, but one funny thing that came for that is O&A asked who all went over to Iraq this year, and Vince rattled off a couple names like Shawn Michaels, Triple H, and…Bob Orton, and then he corrected himself by saying Bob’s son went there. I don’t think he even said Randy’s name. They also started off by talking about the lame XFL Pregame show that O&A hosted for like two weeks before the show was killed off, and they never felt they were fired properly, so they got Vince to fire them in only the way Vince can. It will be replayed today after 3 p.m. on XM 202, and throughout the weekend.