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TNA: PPV buyrates for 2007

TNA doesn’t release pay-per-view buyrate figures, but based on a variety of information, these numbers are rough estimates on how they did on pay-per-view in 2007. The average TNA pay-per-view garnered roughly 26,500 North American buys in 2007.

December 2006: 35,000 buys for Turning Point (Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle)

January 2007: 34,000 buys for Final Resolution (Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle)

February 2007: 23,000 buys for Against All Odds (Kurt Angle vs. Christian Cage)

March 2007: 36,000 buys for Destination X (Samoa Joe vs. Sting)

April 2007: 35,000 buys for Lockdown (Team Angle vs. Team Cage)

May 2007: 21,000 buys for Sacrifice (Kurt Angle vs. Sting vs. Christian Cage)

June 2007: 22,000 buys for Slammiversary (King of the Mountain)

July 2007: 15,000 buys for Victory Road (Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle vs. Team 3D)

August 2007: 26,000 buys for Hard Justice (Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle)

September 2007: 17,000 buys for No Surrender (Kurt Angle vs. Abyss)

October 2007: 36,000 buys for Bound For Glory (Sting vs. Kurt Angle)

November 2007: 27,000 buys for Genesis (Sting and Booker T vs. Kurt Angle and Kevin Nash)