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UK Scene #276

Welcome back to the interactive UK Scene with your friendly neighbourhood Saz. And here we are, seen through another New Year and the scene begins to slowly breathe life into itself as we head away from the Christmas expense and the January sales. So expect the interest and the shows to increase as we get further into the year…

Welcome back to the interactive UK Scene with your friendly neighbourhood Saz.

And here we are, seen through another New Year and the scene begins to slowly breathe life into itself as we head away from the Christmas expense and the January sales. So expect the interest and the shows to increase as we get further into the year.

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> UK News

Things are starting to get a sense of normality around here now!

Quizzical show announced…

So the latest copy of FSM has confirmed it, it’s now ok to say something about it, well there is a little bit of smark intellectual masterbation going on over this because someone’s had the clever idea of being purposefully vague.

Anyhoo, to keep a long story short, Japanese wrestling company NOAH is coming over to the UK, so really, apart from the fact it will have the usual British names in, it’s like the WWE coming to town and not really UK Scene news.

However, if it does interest you then check out the TWO Japan wrestling forum for more details.

RQW dropped?

There have been concerns as to why RQW has not been seen on TWC Fight recently and wonderings as to whether it has been dropped from the line up. Well, it appears that TWCF has been bought out by the Fight Network and once again foreign powers are in control of our television!

Anyhoo, Len Davis had this to say on UKFF:

“To clarify the situation.

On December 22nd an email was sent explaining how The Fight Network had taken over TWC Fight and that we had to send a screener DVD to canada for RQW to continue airing. That email came from an address that had never emailed me before and ended up in my Spam folder, and I became aware of it only on January 2nd.

The Screener DVD is now in Canada and we’re waiting for the result, Please bear in mind that LDN had already been picked up by The Fight Network so they were known.

All TV Tapings are going ahead as planned in the run up to the launch of the ‘LIVE’ TV show to be announced.

In the meantime, we’d planned last November to start a FREE download version of the TV show to cover everybody that couldn’t get TWC Fight and the requests we were getting from around the world, and that starts as of tomorrow with the show that should have broadcast last wednesday, so fans of Wesna can still see her defence against Blue Nikita from ACW in Germany, also in widescreen and uncensored.

More news as soon as we hear.

Len “

From that point, RQW could still be dropped from the channel should the Canadians feel like it.

Doesn’t it make you proud to be British?

Triple X Wrestling to end

Fans of wrestling with a more adult feel will be disappointed to hear that Triple X Wrestling (TXW) will not be running shows past the 2nd March (perhaps). Here’s wrestler and promoter Quentin Hyde-Styles to explain on the UKFF:

“Ok well this is awkward…

I won’t bullshit anyone here… I’m burned out on the whole thing. I love Triple X but I don’t and can’t love it the way I used to. Long story short, it’s over…

for now at least…

It’s no secret to a lot of you. Running a niche product like mine makes a few people very happy… but it’s niche and it will only ever make so much money. And sadly it will never make enough.

I know theres more to it than that but my circumstances are not the way they were when I started this thing…

It all really started as an excuse for me to hang out with my friends and to make sure that some really good wrestlers who weren’t getting enough recognition had somewhere to wrestle… Some things have changed but it still hurts me that I can’t have that all because it’s costing me money that I don’t have to keep it going.

All I can do is apologise to all the people that I’m letting down and thank all the people that made this happen and made it all so much fun during the shows… But that was the only good thing… When the shows were happening everything felt great. When it was over and before it had started, I was far from happy.

Maybe some day it will be back but for now this is not something that I can maintain so I’m stepping away now.


I have a ring and an international superstar booked on March 2nd…

There will be a show. I have a few ideas in my head right now and I’m really into this new concept. This should not be viewed as a farewell to Triple X… This will be something totally different for a far wider audience… but still with my proud foundation of solid wrestling, exciting action and brilliant entertainment. Who knows what this will lead to but for now I’m playing it by ear and putting all my efforts into this show and I am very excited about this. I hope you all will be too and I will have BIG news on the main event and details VERY soon.

Once again, sorry and thank you to everyone involved over the last (nearly) two years including the fans who were almost as much a part of this as the wrestlers. And thank you so, so much to all the wrestlers that have made this all possible and given their all to making these shows some of the most talked about, most entertaining and made me proud to be the guy that put it all together.

I hope to see you all on March 2nd,

I’ve worked with and alongside Quentin in a couple of promotions and he’s a standup, tell it like it is, sort of guy.

You see, promoting is one of the hardest jobs in wrestling, yeah, it might give you the opportunity to book shows but the amount of work you have to put into it means that it begins to take over your life and, as British wrestling isn’t a big bucks business at the moment, there is little return on your investment.

Which is why it surprises me that more and more promotions are springing up!

Anyhoo, I digress, if you’ve been wondering what TXW is all about, your last chance to see them is 2nd march 2008.

> Show dates



18th January 2008
Crosby Civic Hall, Liverpool

Featuring: American Badass, The Iron Duke, Matt Hunter, Ricky Knight, The Kraft, Robbie Micheals, Sam Slam, Zak Zodiax and the Zebra Kid.


HEW – The New Year Showdown

Saturday January 26th
The Takeley Silver Jubilee Hall


  • WAW World title: Erik Isaksen (c) vs The Zebra Kid.
  • Brett ” The Kraft” Meadows vs Victor Dale.
  • Mother vs. Daughter Match: Sweet Saraya vs Britani Knight.


KSW – King of KSW 2008

Saturday 16th February
Perry Common British Legion, 641 College Road, Kingstanding, B44 0AT
Tickets are £7 Adults, £5 Children, £20 party of four.
Doors open at 7pm, Show starts at 8.

Current Card:

  • King of the Ring Qualifier: Tyler Rayne vs Rigour Mortis
  • King of the Ring Qualifier: Cupid Valentino vs Brandon Thomas
  • King of the Ring final
  • KSW British Title: Franco (c) vs Sevantes Hunter


Saturday 23rd February
Melton Mobray
Tickets are Adults £10, Children £7.50
Doors 7pm, Show Starts 7.30pm


  • “The Wonderkid” Johnny Storm vs “The Heavyweight House of Pain” Stixx
  • The Iron Lions vs The Murderers
  • “Bombay Dreams” Ross Jordan vs “The Playboy” Phil Bedwell vs Shabazz
  • Stephanie Scope vs Jetta
  • The UK Pitballs vs Killer Instinct
  • Paul Malen vs Prince Osmond
  • Yel Darb the Viking vs The Headmaster


Tickets 01664 851111

All matches are deemed correct at time of submission, but are subject to change.

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