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WWE: New WWE Star Expects Success

Sam Collins, an aspiring wrestling journalist, conducted the following interview with former All Pro Wrestling Universal Heavyweight Champion KAFU after a recent indy show. It was announced this past week that KAFU had signed a development contract with World Wrestling Entertainment. In the interview, Kafu admits to doing steroids ("Everybody dabbles"), publicly insults a good portion of the main WWE roster talent ("…lets face it. There are not a lot of good workers out there anymore. The WWE has been drowning in the talent department for some time now. I won’t mention any names just yet, but most of the guys you see every Monday and Friday night are embarrassing to watch."), and vows that he’ll be on the main roster as the WWE Intercontinental Champion within the next six months, or at the very least, as a semi-main eventer in WWE ("I’m sure I’ll be holding one of the belts, probably Intercontinental. And at the least wrestling the semi-mains."). He’s also not particularly fond of WWE’s current storylines ("they still need to be tweaked a little"). This guy is off to a great start already. We’ll see just how long he lasts and if he even makes a debut with comments like that.