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WWE: Britney Spears to appear in WWE?

Additional Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

– Right now everyone is in the dark about all the mentions of Britney Spears on WWE programming and the company’s official website. While it is possible that Brian Gewirtz and Michael Hayes are up to something that no one else is aware of, it is planned when they mention her name on television and not a coincidence. There was some talk in 2006 of using her in the Kevin Federline angle before the couple separated.

Britney Spears has been mentioned quite a bit as of late on the company website and television broadcasts. Internally, a number of people are in the dark on what the deal is, but the feeling is that writers Brian Gewirtz and Michael Hayes — who would be in WWE’s "inner circle" – know something that others aren’t aware of. It should also be noted that all mentions of Spears are planned and not a coicidence. There were talks of using her in late 2006 in the Kevin Federline angle, but her separation from him put an end to that. They approached her again to do a Royal Rumble-to-WrestleMania storyline, but she was such a mess at the time that they went with Donald Trump instead