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WWE Spoilers: Current & Possibly Final Royal Rumble Card

It seems that the only match that could be added to the card would be Chavo Vs. Punk in a rematch for the ECW Title. If it is added, it will probably be announced on SmackDown! or announced on on Saturday. With that said, here is the current (and possibly final) card for the 2008 Royal Rumble (live, January 27 from Madison Square Garden):

  • 30-Man Royal Rumble Match
  • WWE Championship: Randy Orton (c) Vs. Jeff Hardy
  • World Heavyweight Championship: Edge (c) Vs. Rey Mysterio
  • Win Or Retire #5: Ric Flair Vs. MVP
  • JBL Vs. Chris Jericho

Here is the current list of the entrants into the Royal Rumble Match (6 open spots remain) in the order they were announced:

  1. Umaga (RAW)
  2. Snitsky (RAW)
  3. Hardcore Holly (RAW)
  4. "The Miz" (ECW)
  5. John Morrison (ECW)
  6. Hornswoggle (RAW/SmackDown!)
  7. Mick Foley (RAW)
  8. Batista (SmackDown!)
  9. The Undertaker (SmackDown!)
  10. Kane (SmackDown!)
  11. Finlay (SmackDown!)
  12. Jamie Noble (SmackDown!)
  13. Cody Rhodes (RAW)
  14. Carlito (RAW)
  15. Santino Marella (RAW)
  16. Shawn Michaels (RAW)
  17. Shelton Benjamin (ECW)
  18. Mark Henry (SmackDown!)
  19. The Great Khali (SmackDown!)
  20. Big Daddy V (ECW)
  21. Mr. Kennedy (RAW)
  22. Triple H (RAW)
  23. Tommy Dreamer (ECW)
  24. Chuck Palumbo (SmackDown!)