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WWE: RAW Superstar Suffers Pectoral Injury

Rory McAlister of the Highlanders tag team has confirmed on his MySpace website that he has suffered a complete pectoral tear and underwent surgery yesterday to repair it. The RAW superstar said he didn’t even know he suffered the injury, but realized something was wrong. Here is what he wrote:

I have received countless e-mail asking how I am doing as of late and asking how my injury is. Well I had no clue anyone knew I was hurt as I never told anyone and I don’t read the dirt sheets so I have no clue how they know but it’s always nice that people show they care.
In a match recently I hurt my chest. Didn’t know how, but I knew something was wrong. WWE had me see a surgeon immediately and after an mri I discovered I had torn my right pectoral completely off the bone. I went in for surgery yesterday morning and all went well. The tear was worse than first thought but the Doc assures me it has been anchored securely and he is more than happy with the results. I had an amazing team of surgeons and I have an amazing physical therapy team. Both of whom are the teams the Cincinnati Reds use. I made the joke that I hoped they know medicine better than the Reds know baseball but that joke dropped like a lead fart.
I am totally confident to be back very soon in better shape than I left both physically and mentally. Again thank you for all the e-mails of well being. I will keep you all updated!

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