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WWE: Controversial Interviewer Signing with the WWE?

Additional Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

We have a an update on the story that WWE has reached out to controversial (and beautiful) news anchor Alycia Lane about an on-camera role with the company.

To recap, Lane was fired from her job at Philadelphia’s CBS-3 TV last month after getting arrested for allegedly punching a female police officer in the face and calling her a "dyke”. Her high-profile arrest and firing was just the latest in a saga that has included a bikini photo scandal and an offer from Playboy. Lane made news earlier in 2007 when it came out she had emailed bikini photos of herself to Rick Eisner of the NFL Network. When Eisner’s wife saw them, she sent Lane a nasty letter and told the local tabloids about the incident.

Alycia Lane and boyfriend Chris Booker were backstage at RAW on January 28th in Philadelphia. Kevin Hennessey of WWE told John McMullin of The Phanatic Magazine that Vince McMahon met with Lane and her boyfriend backstage at RAW and things went well.

Jim Ross recently commented on the possibility of Alycia Lane in WWE. Ross said, "the journalist is a controversial and lovely woman who might fit in the WWE environment. I have also heard rumors that Ms. Lane might be up for a Playboy photo spread. Without question, Ms. Lane is definitely HD friendly, which is important for broadcasters in sports entertainment these days."

We’ll keep you posted her on possible future with WWE.