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WWE: Great Khali matches being heavily edited for broadcast in India

In a clever marketing technique WWE are editing the Great Khali’s losses and making him look stronger on Indian broadcasts, in order to capitalize on their growing popularity in the country.

Khali is seen as a national treasure and market stalls, shops and other outlets are making a killing selling Khali merchandise. He is a tremendous hit amongst children who imitate his matches at school.

According to once source Indian’s still see wrestling as real in most cases, and they have huge pride in Khali’s domination in the WWE.

From a business standpoint Khali is a big asset to WWE and practically drives its popularity in India, so no matter how boring he may become to US fans, he won’t be let go anytime soon.

With WWE’s recent plan to expand in to China it would be interesting to see if they hire any Chinese stars and do a similar thing.

There are currently no reports of this type of thing happening to anyone else but Khali.