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WWE: Reason behind Jackass angle getting dropped last year

Last year’s SummerSlam was supposed to feature a match with Umaga and a heel opponent taking on two of the guys from MTV’s "Jackass". WWE started promoting an appearance by the Jackass crew and even included them on the PPV poster for the event. As we know, the Jackass guys were not at SummerSlam and there was a lot of speculation as to what actually happened.

Jackass star Johnny Knoxville took part in a video interview with this weekend and was asked about why they bailed on SummerSlam last year. Knoxville answered that his boys didn’t back out. He said WWE has been good to them and they tried to make it work. Knoxville said that he agreed to wrestle one time but that was all he could fit into his schedule. He said that he thinks the sides got their signals crossed and that WWE wanted more of a commitment than one night, so WWE decided to go in a different direction. Knoxville continued to put over WWE and said that there are no ill feelings whatsoever.