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WWE: Batista Discusses A Possible Acting Career, The Rock, & WrestleMania

During a recent promotional tour in Italy (replacing the injured Rey Mysterio), Batista did an interview with Italy’s Sky Sport. In the interview, Batista said that he thinks both Undertaker and Triple H will be crowned new champions at WrestleMania and hoped that Flair will survive one more match against Shawn Michaels. He said he’s worried about wrestling in an open-air setting for the first time due to the crowd noise being lost. Regarding fans, he said that the best crowd he ever performed in front of was the fans in South Korea. He talked about The Rock, saying that it was an honor for him to fight against him at WrestleMania 20 and when asked about how The Rock dealt with leaving pro wrestling without a proper send-off, Batista said he understands what The Rock did and what his position is now in Hollywood. When asked about pursuing an acting career, Batista said he wasn’t interested at all right now. One of the fans asked Batista what he thinks of Kurt Angle’s interviews where he bashed him and WWE. Batista said that he’s deeply sad about Angle’s remarks towards him and he still doesn’t know the real reason why Kurt left WWE.