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WWE: Recap of Big Show on Conan O’Brien

Big Show was a guest on “Late Night with Conan O’Brien”. Big Show claims that his wife is bigger than Floyd Mayweather, and he can do anything to Mayweather at Mania, even “Kiss him on the mouth” (ACTUAL QUOTE).

Show then told a funny story about his wife being the meanest person on the planet, and how she named their pet turtle “Big Slow” as a rib. Big Show claimed they could never have kids. Quote: “As mean as she is and as big as I am, if we had a son, it’d be the Anti-Christ!”

Show then told a story about getting a New York hot dog, then a crowd of kids came out for autographs and pictures. The hot dog vendor then put all hot dogs “half-price, only one dollar!” Conan then said Big Show was tricked, and $1 is the REGULAR price for a hot dog, and Big Show got a stamp of the word “ASS” superimposed on his face.