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WWE: Highlights of a recent Chris Jericho newspaper interview

Chris Jericho was interviewed by The Sun this week and gave his thoughts on a lot of WrestleMania issues. Here are some highlights:

Does Jericho Believe Mayweather is getting $20 Million? "No. Maybe there are incentives and bonuses, but I find it very hard to believe they are just giving him a cheque for $20million. But there’s no doubt in my mind he’s making millions."

Jericho on Jeff Hardy’s Suspension: "I don’t really talk to Jeff outside of the business, but on his last day I think he was ashamed and embarrassed about it. Hopefully he can come back in 60 days and learn from that. He is going to have to, because he’s only got one more chance."

Is HBK-Flair The Real Main Event?: "I think so. How can it not be? There will probably never be another guy with the impact, and high level quality maintained over such a long period, as Ric Flair. He is the last of a breed and there are just so many things about his career that make it special. Ric Flair’s had the greatest career of all time. And the fact that, in my opinion, it is going to end at WrestleMania makes everyone want him to go out and steal the show for one last time."