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WWE WrestleMania XXIV Results

WWE WrestleMania XXIV came to you, live, on March 30, 2008 from the Florida Citrus Bowl in Orlando, FL.

Match Results

  • Pre-WrestleMania 24-Man Battle Royal: Kane last eliminates Mark Henry to become the #1 Contender for the ECW Title.
  • Belfast Brawl: JBL (RAW) def. Finlay (SmackDown) by pin following the Clothesline From Hell.
  • Money-in-the-Bank Ladder Match: CM Punk (ECW) def. MVP (SmackDown), Carlito (RAW), Mr. Kennedy (RAW), Shelton Benjamin (ECW), John Morrison (ECW), & Chris Jericho (RAW) to become Mr. Money-in-the-Bank.
  • Battle For Brand Supremacy: Batista (SmackDown) def. Umaga (RAW) by pin following the Batista Bomb (botched).
  • ECW Championship: Kane (SmackDown) def. Chavo Guerrero (c) (SmackDown) by pin following the Chokeslam to win the ECW Title.
  • Career Threatening Match: Shawn Michaels (RAW) def. Ric Flair (SmackDown) by pin following two Sweet Chin Musics to retire Ric Flair.
  • BunnyMania Lumberjack Match: Master of Ceremonies- Snoop Dogg: Beth Phoenix & Melina def. Maria & Ashley by Beth Phoenix pinning Maria following Phoenix Rising.
  • WWE Championship: Triple Threat: Randy Orton (c) def. Triple H & John Cena by pinning John Cena following the Pedigree by Triple H to retain.
  • Boxer Vs. Wrestler: Anything Goes: Floyd "Money" Mayweather def. Big Show by Knock-Out following a right hand with brass knuckles.
  • World Heavyweight Championship: Title Vs. Streak: The Undertaker def. Edge (c) by submission to the Gogoplata to win the World Heavyweight Title and become 16-0 at WrestleMania.

Match Quality

  1. World Heavyweight Championship
  2. Big Show Vs. Floyd Mayweather
  3. Ric Flair Vs. Shawn Michaels
  4. WWE Championship
  5. Money-in-the-Bank Ladder Match
  6. ECW Championship
  7. Battle For Brand Supremacy
  8. BunnyMania Lumberjack Match

Spot Of The Night

  • Shawn Michaels missing a springboard moonsault on Ric Flair and crashing through the RAW Announce Table.


The lights went out in the Citrus Bowl during the heavily botched BunnyMania Lumberjack Match. Of all the matches on the card, the fans are blessed that this was the match this happened during. Snoop Dogg executed a perfect clothesline on Marella following the match. After the lights went out, Lawler made the comment "Is Undertaker coming out already?"

It was spitting rain when the show first started, but it cleared up and they got the lights back on eventually and all was well.

Hornswoggle returned by Finlay’s side prior to the Belfast Brawl.

Matt Hardy returned during the Money-in-the-Bank Ladder Match to cost MVP the match.

In the Boxer Vs. Wrestler Match, Big Show assaulted many members of Mayweather’s entourage. The brass knuckles shot by Mayweather was legit and hard. It rattled the jaw of Show.

Mick Foley was on hand and took part in a backstage vignette with Snoop Dogg, Festus, & Marella.

In the Triple Threat Match, Triple H used Chris Benoit’s Crippler Crossface.

During the BunnyMania Match, Jim Ross called Maria, Melina almost everytime and was never called on it.

In the MITB Ladder Match, Benjamin was thrown off of a ladder by Carlito & Jericho and crashed through a ladder on the outside.

It was confirmed during the broadcast that next year’s WrestleMania will be held in the Reliant Stadium in Houston, TX. The themes for next year’s ‘Mania are "Everything Is Bigger In Texas, Even WrestleMania" and "Celebrate A Quarter Of A Century Of WrestleManias".