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WWE: No lawsuits filed against company by those injured at Wrestlemania thus far is carrying a story about a fan who got hit by the pyro in the accident at WrestleMania XXIV last Sunday at the Citrus Bowl. The fan happened to be a government reporter for the Charlotte Sun Herald who was enjoying the show when all of a sudden the cable that carried the rockets got cut and landed among the people. "It shocked us, the kid in front of us was hit by a firework and the paramedics came in," he said. "So you know that was pretty scary." Around 40 people were injured during the accident which happened just before the PPV came to a close. Although the reporter said he complained to WWE about the situation he said he’ll still remain a fan no matter what. "16oz beers and sitting there yelling’ your head off having a good time…that’ s what it was all about," he added. So far there have been no word of lawsuits against WWE by any of the people who were injured. WWE launched an investigation to see what caused the problem. (thanks to Colin Vassallo)