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WWE: The Great Khali Returning To India

The Great Khali – real name Dalip Singh Rana – is going home after taking
a break from wrestling and will go back to his native village in Himachal
Pradesh later this month. Khali, a police officer in Punjab, will first
report to his police office first on April 26th after he lands in India and
then will go home a few days later. It will be his first time he’s going
back home since starting with the WWE and he’s expected to stay there for a
month according to family members. Khali, who is married and is 35 years
old, was given special permission by the police force to stay on leave as
long as he’s employed by WWE. The Indo-Asian News Service reports that to
keep his monster size he requires a strict dietary regimen which includes
one gallon of milk, five chickens and two dozen of eggs, juice and
fruit….daily. Yes, daily.


*This is interesting, seeing as Big Show Vs. The Great Khal was rumored to take place at Backlash on April 27.