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WWE: More Details on the ECW "Walkout"

The May 7 Wrestling Observer is reporting some additional details to the angle from last week’s ECW that saw ECW Announcers Tazz & Mike Adamle leave the announce position prior to the main event of the show. According to Meltzer, this was an angle that only a select few people knew about. It’s being reported that Vince McMahon may have been the only person to know about it.

As always, Vince McMahon was in the guerrilla position for the show on a headset and prior to the "walkout", Vince pretended to be furious at Adamle and Tazz and told both men to drop their headsets and report to the back. It’s widely speculated whether or not Adamle and Tazz were aware of the angle. In any case, the people around Vince did not buy that he was really angry, but that he was simply acting.

When Adamle walked out first, he reportedly left the arena all together and when Tazz walked out, he left the arena, looking angry, and went home (seeing as the show was in Atlantic City, NJ and Tazz resides in Brooklyn, NY, it would be easy for him to head home) without staying for the SmackDown Tapings.

The walkout was not listed on the script for ECW, nor was it discussed during the production meeting.

When the walkout was reported rather quickly on, Vince McMahon had to give approval for it to be posted like it was. What might have complicated the angle was the fact that Tazz & Adamle were having little to no problems the entire night. Had they continued having Adamle screw up, it may have went over different (at least backstage).

One of the tell-tale signs of this being an angle is the fact that both Tazz & Adamle left the arena "without permission". If this was reality, Vince would not have allowed them to leave the arena and would be scolded by Vince. Another one of the signs is the fact that television cameras followed Tazz as he left.

In what may or may not be a connection to the angle, all of the ECW Superstars have been ordered to be at RAW tonight.