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WWE: More On Ashley Massaro Escort Story – New Evidence?

As reported over the weekend, a story in Rolling Stone Magazine listed WWE Diva Ashley Massaro as an escort for a high-class agency in Los Angeles that would sell off nights with her to rich men for $25,000. The agency was shut down by the FBI. Ashley denied the story and said it was totally false.

Today, Rolling Stone Contributing Editor Michelle Grigoriadis, who wrote the article, told PWInsider the following. "Obviously, I stand by my story. Massaro is named in an FBI search warrant that was executed on Michelle Braun’s property in October, 2007. I have no knowledge of another woman by the same name."

Meanwhile, we uncovered an old, outdated ad for "Ashley Massaro" on the old Bella Models website which is no longer active. If you search through the old website cache archives, an ad featuring Ashley does come up and lists her as living in New York City (she is from Long Island, NY) and states that she is willing to travel for a booking fee of $25,000. The archive page featuring Ashley’s ad can be found at: