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WWE: Good press recived over recent suspensions

The recent suspensions of William Regal and Jeff Hardy have earned WWE drug testing policy some positive press. “The ultimate test for the legitimacy of the policy was whether WWE would have the guts to suspend one of its top stars going into the biggest pay per view of the year—WrestleMania,” writes Newsday blogger Alfonso Castillo.

“Sure enough, with just weeks to go before this year’s show, and with Jeff Hardy already having earned a spot in the Money in the Bank ladder match and expected to win it, WWE suspended the popular star and reigning Intercontinental champion for 60 days. Now again, after weeks of building up Regal as the centerpiece heel of the Raw brand, and even crowning him King of the Ring, WWE did not hesitate to pull the plug on one of its biggest storylines and sit Regal out for two months.” To read the full blog, visit